Wasp Control Sydney

A wasp is an insect of Hymenoptera order. Hymenoptera is a large insect order which includes more than 150,000 species of insect such as sawflies, wasps, bees, and ants, etc. Wasps are different from ants, and bees in behavioural, and physical characteristics. Wasps have two wings and biting mouthparts, and one or two antennae on top. The wasps have less hair on their body. These wasps live for a few months or a period of less the one year. These wasps attack in the daytime and at night they go back to their nests. The wasps are mostly seen in summertime. There are two types of wasps. These are

  • Solitary Wasps: These wasps normally live alone and build their nest in isolated places. As they are found at alone places cause less harm to humans.
  • Social Wasps: As per their name social wasps are found in common places and also harmful to humans.

In Australia, there are more than 10,000 species of wasps that are normally found, but all wasp species are not harmful. There are only a few wasps that cause damage and need serious pest control. These wasps enter your premises through doors and windows. They make their nest inside the house and sting the humans which can be dangerous.

For these types of serious pests, our company Major Pest Control Sydney professionals provide easy and best wasp control and wasp nest removal Sydney services.

Types of Wasps:

There are 3 types of wasps in Australia which need serious pest control. These wasps are:

• Yellow Jackets Wasps

These are also known as social wasps. The yellow jacket wasps are 13mm longer and have a black and yellow color body. These wasps have 2 sets of wings. When these wasps are at the younger stage they feed on insects like caterpillars, flies, etc and later at the maturity stage they eat sweets foods, etc in the summertime. These wasps can sting on humans, and it can be harmful. These wasps make their nest in trees, walls, and sheds, etc.   

• European Wasps

These wasps are also known as English wasp. These wasps are dangerous and cause painful wasp sting. The European wasps have yellow and black spots on their body. These wasps have 15-18mm size. the European wasps make their nest at those places which can be easily detected by them like in hollow trees, bushes, lofts, garages, walls, etc. One colony of European wasps can have approximately 25000 wasps. These European wasps are more aggressive as compared to other wasps.

• Paper Wasps

The paper wasps have a small head and have small antennae. There are more than 35 paper wasp species in Australia. They have a yellow and orange color body. The nest of these paper wasps is usually made of paper type material. In one nest of paper wasp, there can be 15-30 paper wasps. The paper wasps have very long legs, and they usually make their nest in the open area. This type of wasp’s string is also dangerous and can harm humans easily.

Wasp Nest Removal Sydney

The wasp nest is a small homemade by themselves where they live. The wasp nests are more often found in the summertime in warm weather. The wasps make their nest from saliva. At the beginning or initial stage, the wasp nest is smaller in size. But slowly become huge as the number of wasps increase in the nest. It is advisable to remove these nests at an earlier stage when they are smaller in size because when the nest becomes larger it becomes more difficult to remove the nest due to the presence of a large number of wasps in it. It can contain more than thousands of wasps which can be very harmful.

Where Wasp Nest can be found

The wasps live in the nest made by them. There are various places where wasps frame their nest. These places can be

  • In the roof
  • In-wall cavities
  • Hole in the ground
  • In sheds
  • In garages
  • Near garden area
  • Behind shutters
  • Under caves
  • Loft spaces
  • In mailboxes
  • In bushes 
  • Near windows
  • In bird boxes
  • In small corners of the building, etc.

Is Wasp Nest Removal Harmful?

The removal of a wasp nest is very dangerous as the wasp inside the nests can sting repetitively, which can be very dangerous and can also cause serious diseases sometimes. While removing the wasp nest the wasps inside it become aggressive and can string all humans present at that time. So, the wasp nest removal process can be very dangerous if proper actions are not taken at the right time. But you don’t need to worry about these wasps and wasp nests Major Pest Control Sydney has expertise professionals which will easily remove them with the help of our effective pest control treatments.

Wasp Sting

A single wasp’s sting contains a poisonous material or substance which passes into the human body when they sting on humans. Normally the sting doesn’t cause much harm and only results in swelling and pain. But sometimes it can cause a serious reaction and illness. 

Symptoms and Reactions of Wasp Sting:

The normal and harmful serious symptoms and the reaction of wasp’s sting can be:

  • Normal symptoms: The normal reaction of wasp string on human are:
  1. Burning
  2. Redness
  3. Swelling
  4. Pain
  5. Itching on the site of string.

Reactions of Wasp Sting

  • Serious harmful symptoms: The harmful symptoms which can become a critical medical issue are:
  1. Skin infection
  2. A Sudden drop in blood pressure
  3. Bacterial infections
  4. Vomiting
  5. Weak pull
  6. Breathing difficulties
  7. Other allergic reactions

In the case of these symptoms, one needs to get immediate medical treatment from doctors. 

Signs of Wasp Infestation:

The signs that these wasps have entered in your premises and have started making their nest in various sports or places on your premises can be observed or seen as flowingly:

  • Presence of flying wasps: One can easily found the flying wasps. If you these wasps flying in your house, or garden, or in your premises frequently then there can be wasp nest carrying other wasps at your premises, or other nearby places.

  • String anyone: If the wasps string your child, or other family members, or any other person in your house, or garden area frequently then there can be chances of wasp nests nearby.

  • Nest: Seeing wasp nest in garden, near windows, and doors, and other places on your premises.

  • Observing the flying path of returning wasps: If saw any wasp flying near or inside your premises, then you can easily observe whether they have made a nest in your premises or not by simply observing the flying path of returning wasps. 

Effective Wasp Control Services Provided by Major Pest Control Sydney:

The customers and people consider these wasps infestation a normal problem but in reality, these are very dangerous and cause various serious damagers to humans. Moreover, the removal of a wasp nest is also not an easy task and can cause damage to a normal person if they try to remove them. So a serious pest control services are needed to remove major wasps and wasp nest problems. These wasps are dangerous for humans as they can sting which can cause serious diseases to them. 

Major Pest Control Sydney provides the best personalized professional services to solve this wasp infestation problem. Our professionals are trained in removing the wasp nest carefully without any harm, and damage 

The efficient services provided by the Major Pest Control Sydney are mentioned as following:

Wasp Control Services

• Consultation

Major Pest Control Sydney facilitates personalized services to each customer. You just need to give us a call and your all problems regarding the wasps and wasp nests infestation will no longer be a problem of your alone. Whenever you need help you can directly interact with our expertise professionally trained consultants, which will not only listen to your problem but also provide the best services as per according to your convenience.

• Inspection

After hearing your problem the Major Pest Control Sydney will first inspect your premises to determine what could be the best course of action for wasp’s infestation control. Through inspection Major Pest Control Sydney professionals will identify what type of treatment or method which has to be used to get rid of these wasps. The treatment of wasp nest removal will also depend upon the size of the nest.

• Risk assessment

Based on the risk assessment Major Pest Control Sydney team professionals will determine the type of tools, and techniques that can be used for wasp’s infestation control. The same type of tools and techniques can’t be used in every situation at every place. So Major Pest Control Sydney professionals will first select the best technique, and tools as per according to the risk assessment of your premises.

• Identification and monitoring

As above explained firstly Major Pest Control Sydney team of experts inspect your premise and gathers important information regarding the wasp’s infestation control. After that, the experts will take the best measure according to the no of wasps and the size of the wasp nest.

Wasp Treatment Sydney

Once Major Pest Control Sydney has considered all other factors related to wasp’s infestation the final step is to start the treatment of pest control. Out of various pest control methods, Major Pest Control Sydney professionals only use the best non-harmful methods of pest infestation control. Two ways of wasp and wasp nest control are non-chemical and chemical methods which are explained as flowingly. 

Non-chemical methods used by our Professionals:

At Major Pest Control Sydney non-chemical methods are preferred when wasp infestation is at its initial stage and are not much destructive. Moreover, at the initial stage, the nest of the wasps is smaller in size and can be easily removed. Our professional also uses these non-chemical methods as post-treatment after the chemical methods are being used. Non-chemical methods which our company Major Pest Control Sydney use are:

  1. Vacuum cleaning Airtight packing wasps nest removal
  2. Carry out regular maintenance
  3. Use fly screen on windows and doors
  4. Steam cleaning

Non-chemical methods

Chemical methods used by our wasp control Sydney professionals:

1. Traps Used By Wasp Removal Sydney

the use of various types of chemicals pesticides don’t work well in case of wasps because the nest of the wasp can be dangerous and can’t be easily reached. That’s why Major Pest Control Sydney first prefers a wasp trap that attracts and kills most of the wasp pest. This wasp trap has a sticky surface where the wasps get stuck in and die.

2. Boric acid | diatomite

It is the chemical that is used for destroying pests. Diatomite is also known as diatomaceous earth. It is one of the most common methods which is used for various types of pest control. Diatomite is used by Major Pest Control Sydney in the form of powder. This powder can be spray in the nest.

3. Soda bottle trap

Sometimes Major Pest Control Sydney also uses a soda bottle trap along with other methods to distract the wasp from their nest. The soda bottle carries some sweet material that can be hanged near the nest to attract the wasp and to remove them from their nest. 

4. Wasp killer and wasp nest removal kit

Major Pest Control Sydney also provide wasp killer and wasp nest removal kit with the guide which is very simple and can be easily used for wasp infestation control.

5. Essential oil for pantry moth

This essential oil for wasp is used by our company Major Pest Control Sydney to remove and eliminate the smell and residuals of wasps. It can be used as a post wasps control process after applying the other treatment methods. 

Why Call Us for Help?

Most of the people think that they can control these types of small tiny pests on their own and think there is no need to call for professionals for help. But what people don’t know is that home self-treatment can be very dangerous and harmful. Moreover, it is also more expensive and time-consuming for them and the most important thing is that they don’t work most of the time. 

That’s why Major Pest Control Sydney highly recommended that before you waste your money, time and efforts, try to give us a call and get help in getting rid of these pantry moths. Our highly trained professional team will provide you easy, efficient, and affordable treatment for your wasp infestation and wasp nest problems. We are here 24/7 hours available for your help, and for this, all you need to do is to give us a call, and we will be there for your help. So, give us a call, and Major Pest Control Sydney will take care of these wasps.

Follow-Up Course of Action By Wasp Control Sydney Professionals

Customer satisfaction is the main goal of our company and for this Major Pest Control Sydney provides you with the best professional services. But our work does not end up on making your premises pest-free. We go a step further for giving you maximum satisfaction by providing you follow-up services. Some follow-up services provided by Major Pest Control Sydney are:

  • Post-inspection sessions at regular intervals may be monthly or yearly to ensure that no wasps and wasp nest are left behind in your premises.
  • Full cleaning up of your house, garden or business premises after completing wasp control treatment.
  • Cleaning out the residues and smell of chemicals and dead pests after completion of job
  • Ensuring that the wasp nest has been removed safely and properly.

When our employees will leave your home, you will feel like everything is the same but one thing will be gone and that will be the presence of these harmful wasps and wasp nest.

Areas Covered by Major Pest Control Sydney:

  • Home 
  • Hotels
  • Shops
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing, and packing units
  • Industrial units
  • Schools
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Urban and rural areas
  • Farmhouse
  • Basements
  • Pantry and canteens

And many other places where Wasp is located as per according to customers' demand.

FAQ for Wasp Pest Control

1. How much does it cost to get wasps removed?

Answer: If there are no particular difficulties in reaching the nest and if the dimensions are not too high, an intervention can have a cost of around € 150.00 and in a short time it is possible to return to your home.

2. Can exterminators get rid of wasps?

Answer: Disinfestation of Wasps Rome

Only by relying on a professional service that will know how to destroy a wasp nest in a professional way can the problem be resolved definitively.

3. How do I permanently get rid of wasps?

Answer: To make the Wasps harmless , we can use a specific insecticide, characterized by a high killing power and a jet up to 4 meters long, to allow you to maintain a safe distance between you and the nest.

4. How does vinegar get rid of wasps?

Answer: Then get vinegar and sugar and mix them together to create a concoction that can attract wasps and make them harmless for the time it takes to remove the crawl space. With this method, you have more chance of success if you act at night, when it is known that the wasps are less active.

5. How do you get rid of wasps yourself?


  1. Act in the dark when the waspsare less active.
  2. They are useful insects: let's not kill them unnecessarily.
  3. The presence of a nest in the house is a problem.
  4. Act in the dark when the waspsare less active.
  5. They are useful insects: let's not kill them unnecessarily.

6. What time of year wasps die?

Answer: And they do it by inducing the wasps , always those from which they do not move, to go to another hospice, this time in winter, where they find the queens (free of parasites). Here the queens-queens and zombie queens spend the winter, and when spring comes they leave.