Tick Control Sydney:

Ticks are the arachnids order insect. Arachnids' order is a group of joint-legged insects and animals, which include spiders, ticks, mites, harvestmen, etc. These are typically 3-5mm long. The ticks are more like a spider and cannot fly they do not have antennae. These ticks survive by feeding on the blood of birds, animals, and humans, etc. these ticks have eight legs. Ticks have a brown, reddish black color body. Ticks become larger by eating more and more blood. In Australia, there are many species of ticks that are normally found. But all these species of ticks are not harmful. But some ticks are very dangerous and can spread various harmful diseases. These ticks bite on humans and animals and suck their blood. These ticks lay more eggs in small sports and cause tick infestation. These ticks are more active in the summertime.

Ticks Infestation

Major Pest Control Sydney provides professional services to stop this tick infestation problem through expertise techniques.

Types of Ticks:

In Australia, there is two types of ticks are found which can be harmful to both humans and animals. These are:

Hard Ticks:

Hard ticks include almost 700 species of ticks. In Australia there are approximately 70-75 species of ticks are found out of which all ticks are not harmful. These ticks are named hard ticks because they have a hard shield on the body as compare to other ticks. The hard ticks are mainly found on animals and humans and can cause great damage to them by biting them. These hard ticks remain attached to humans and animals for a long time.

In Australia, paralysis ticks are one of the most dangerous types of hard tick which spread various serious diseases. 

Soft Ticks:

Soft ticks include almost 193 species of ticks. These small ticks can live for more than one year. According to their name, soft ticks do not have a hard shield on their body like hard ticks. These ticks attack on soft skin areas such as near and inside ears, etc. Where skin is thinner. These small ticks do less damage as they can no remain attached to the host's body for a long period.

Where Do They Live?

Ticks are found near the animals, birds, etc. When they don’t find an animal host to feed blood, they attack humans also. The various areas both indoor and outdoor where these ticks can be found are:

  • On grass
  • Wooden area
  • Leaf piles 
  • Shrubs
  • Under Bush
  • Trees
  • Stonewall
  • Treehouse
  • Yards
  • Birdfeeders
  • Low hanging beaches 
  • In your premise’s small corners, cracks, and hole

Life Cycle of Ticks:

As like most of the insect ticks also have four stages of the life cycle which take more than one-year time to complete. These life cycle stages of ticks are:

  • Eggs stage: The female adult ticks can lay approximately 3000 eggs in leaf at once. This stage of tick egg lasts up to 40-60 days.

  • Larvae stage: After 40-60 days the tick larvae hatch out of ticks’ eggs. The tick larvae have 6 legs and feed on animals for blood.

  • Nymph stage: Ticks at the nymph stage are very small in size. They nymph ticks look like a small dot that cannot be easily recognized.

Adult stage: The adult ticks feed on animals and humans for blood but they lay their eggs on the ground or leaf area. One female adult tick can drop thousands of eggs at once. And increase the tick infestation problem.

Ticks Bite:

Ticks remain attached to the body after they bite. After a certain period like for example after 10-13 days, these ticks detach themselves from the host body and fall. A tick bite is not always harmful but some time can cause serious illness. If a tick bit any person or pet and remains attached to their body it is necessary to remove them from there as soon as possible.

Symptoms of Ticks Bite

Symptoms of Tick Bite:

Some of the symptoms of a tick bite are:

  • Redness and red spot
  • Swelling at the bite site
  • Found a tick attached to the body
  • High pain
  • Difficult breathing
  • Burning sensation at the bite site
  • Rashes and irritation
  • Dizziness
  • Other flu-like symptoms 

If you find any of these symptoms then check your body properly and contact the doctor as soon as possible as to avoid the harmful damage.

On Which Parts of Body, They Bite:

Ticks attack on different parts of the body of humans and animals. One can easily examine these ticks bite by observing and checking the following parts carefully.

  • In Case of Humans: The common places where these ticks are found attached to human are:
  1. On neck
  2. In the head
  3. In the hairy area
  4. Back of the knees
  5. In or around ears
  6. Under the arms, etc.
  • In Case of Animals: Ticks bite on pests are very hard to detect and can harm at an aggressive level. The commonplace where these ticks can be found attached to animals are:
  1. In and around the ears 
  2. Around the neck area
  3. Between back legs
  4. In toes
  5. Under front legs
  6. Stomach area, etc.

Diseases That Ticks Spread:

Generally, all ticks are not harmful and cause diseases. But there are many tick species that transfer serious infections and diseases to animals as well as humans through their tick bites. And these diseases need serious medical treatments. Some of the diseases that ticks can spread are: 

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Protozoa
  • Headache 
  • Red rashes near the bite site
  • Full body rash
  • Neck stiffness
  • Weakness
  • Muscles and joint pain
  • Fever
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Rocky Mountain spotted fever
  • Lymph disease
  • Tick paralysis, etc.

The ticks can also spread multiple diseases at once. Out of all these diseases, some diseases such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever, lymph disease, and tick paralysis are very dangerous and can also cause death sometimes.

Tick Control Sydney:

One can follow various prevention and control measures to prevent themselves and their pets from tick infestation. Some of the preventive measures are:

  • Using lotions and creams while going outside
  • Covering yourself with cloths in outdoor garden areas
  • Use pest killing shampoos for pet cleaning 
  • Destroy all the old furniture and things 
  • Remove the tick attached to the body as soon as possible
  • Check the cloths after outdoor activities.

Effective Tick Control Services Provided by Major Pest Control Sydney:

The customers and people consider these wasps infestation a normal problem but in reality, these are very dangerous and cause various serious damagers to humans. The ticks through pets and human can easily enter in your premises, or garden area. The adult ticks lay down eggs in small sports or in the ground area which give birth to new ticks and result in tick infestation problem in your premises. So, serious pest control services are needed to remove this tick’s infestation problem. These ticks are dangerous for both humans and animals as they can bite which can cause serious diseases to them. Major Pest Control Sydney provides the best personalized professional services to solve this tick infestation problem. Our professionals are trained in removing the ticks carefully without any harm, and damage 

The efficient services provided by the Major Pest Control Sydney are mentioned as following:


Major Pest Control Sydney facilitates personalized services to each customer. You just need to give us a call and your all problems regarding the ticks and ticks infestation will no longer be a problem of your alone. You can directly interact with our expertise professionally trained consultants, which will not only listen to your problem but also provide the best services as per according to your needs.


After hearing your problems regarding ticks the Major Pest Control Sydney will first inspect your premises to determine what could be the best action for tick infestation control. Through inspection Major Pest Control Sydney’s professionals will identify what type of method and treatment has to be used to get rid of these ticks.

Identification and monitoring:

As above explained firstly Major Pest Control Sydney’s team of experts inspect your premises and collect important information regarding the tick infestation control. After that, the experts will take the best measure according to the situation.

Tick Treatment Sydney:

Once Major Pest Control Sydney has considered all the above factors related to tick infestation the final step is to start the treatment of pest control. Out of various pest control methods, Major Pest Control Sydney professionals only use the best non-harmful methods of pest infestation control. Two ways of ticks control that is non-chemical and chemical methods which are explained as flowingly. 

Treatment to control the tick

• Non-chemical methods used by our Professionals:

At Major Pest Control Sydney non-chemical methods are preferred when tick infestation is at its initial stage. Our professional also uses these non-chemical methods as post-treatment after the chemical methods are being used. Non-chemical methods which our company Major Pest Control Sydney use are:

  1. Vacuum cleaning Carry out regular maintenance
  2. Remove vegetation
  3. Cleaning yard and outdoor area
  4. Use fly screen on windows and doors
  5. Steam cleaning

• Chemical methods used by our Professionals:

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1. Boric acid | diatomite:

It is a chemical that is used for destroying pests. Diatomite is also known as diatomaceous earth. It is one of the most common methods which is used for various types of pest control. Diatomite is used by Major Pest Control Sydney in the form of powder. This powder can be spray in various corners in your premises.

2. Indoor pet cleaning products:

Major Pest Control Sydney also provides various pet cleaning chemical products that can be used to kill ticks attached to your pets’ body. This product helps to clean the pets such as dogs, cats, etc. and make them tick-free.

3. Tick spray:

various tick spray can be used by Major Pest Control Sydney’s experts in various areas of your home and premises to remove and kill ticks’ eggs which spread more tick infestation. These tick spray can be used across the carpet, furniture, yard, indoor areas, pet bedding, etc.

4. Tick Removal kit:

Major Pest Control Sydney also provides a tick killer kit with a guide which is very simple and can be easily used for tick infestation control.

5. Essential oil for pantry moth:

This essential oil for ticks is used by our company Major Pest Control Sydney to remove and eliminate the smell and residuals of ticks. It can be used as a post ticks control process after applying the other treatment tools and methods.

Why Call Us for Help?

Most people have thought that they can control these types of small tiny pests on their own and think there is no need to call for professionals for help. But what people don’t know is that it is not easy to locate and find out ticks in both indoor areas and outdoor areas. Moreover, it’s difficult to find out tick small eggs which increase the tick infestation. It is also more expensive and time-consuming for them and the most important thing is that they don’t work most of the time. 

That’s why Major Pest Control Sydney highly recommended that before you waste your money, time and efforts, try to give us a call and get help in getting rid of these ticks. If anyone in your house infected from ticks more often than there can be a serious tick problem in your house. But don’t worry you can call Major Pest Control Sydney for help at any time. Our highly trained professional team will provide you easy and affordable treatment for your tick infestation problems. We are here 24/7 hours available for your help, and for this, all you need to do is to give us a call, and we will be there for your help. So, give us a call, and Major Pest Control Sydney will take care of these wasps.

Follow-Up Course of Action:

The main goal of our company Major Pest Control Sydney is to solve the problem of customers in the best possible manner and for this Major Pest Control Sydney provides you with the best professional services. Moreover, our work does not end up making your premises pest-free. We go a step further for giving you maximum satisfaction by providing you follow-up services. Some of the follow-up services provided by Major Pest Control:

  • Post-inspection sessions at regular intervals to ensure that no ticks and ticks’ eggs are left behind in your house, or premises.
  • Cleaning out the residues and smell of chemicals and dead ticks after completion of job
  • Full cleaning up of your house, garden pet house, or business premises after completing tick control treatment.

Major Areas Covered by Major Pest Control Sydney:

  • Home 
  • Garden
  • Warehouses
  • Premises
  • Schools
  • Pet homes
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Shops 
  • Urban and rural areas
  • Farmhouse
  • Restaurants
  • Basements
  • Warehouses

And many other outdoor and indoor ticks infected places as per according to customer’s needs.

FAQ for Tick Pest Control

1. Can you exterminate ticks?

Answer: If the pet has not been treated fairly and is infested with ticks, it is important to remove them as soon as possible, because the longer a tick remains attached, the greater the risk of transmitting the disease.

2. What pesticide will kill ticks?

Answer: crawling insects and is also widely used for the disinfestation of ticks in kennels. This pest control is produced by Bayer and is recommended for the pest control of outdoor environments such as gardens, parks and lawns in general.

3. What to do if you find a tick in your bed?

Answer: Use sterile gloves and never proceed with bare hands; In case of the tick remains in the skin, use a sterile needle; Burn the tick after removal, although it is advisable to keep the tick in a bottle with 70% alcohol to study it in case of symptoms.

4. What to do if you find a tick in your house?

Answer: When the presence of ticks in the house is minimal, it is possible to intervene by cleaning and sanitizing everything from top to bottom first with a vacuum cleaner, then washing all surfaces with hot water and specific detergents, especially the most hidden ones, and using a special pesticide.

5. What instantly kills ticks?

Answer: In dogs, a permethrin spray can also be used (but not in cats, so it can be lethal) as a repellent to prevent them from climbing onto the animal and to kill those already present. In dogs, an amitraz-based collar can also be used, which has some effectiveness against ticks.

6. What month do ticks come out?

Answer: The ticks can pose a health problem for the man especially from April to October, on which, in places rich in grass and shrubs, it is more often fall victim to puncture brand.