Silverfish Pest Control Sydney

Lapismasaccharina, commonly known as silverfish is a wingless pest that can be easily found anywhere. It can be seen anywhere around the house and in case they get spotted, they run away and hide before you could kill them. This pest is given the name silverfish due to its physical resemblance to the fish. Their silver scaly skin, antenna movement and the particular way in which they move make them look like a distant, land roving relative of catfish.

Silverfish Pest Control

Unlike other pests, silverfish do not carry any disease or germs which means they are not harmful to your health. Now you might wonder that if they do not mean any harm to your health then why to bother controlling them in case of infestation. The main reason that calls for pest control is that these tiny creatures have a very strange kind of diet, which results in causing harm to your property. Typically, in forests, a silverfish feeds on flowers, leaves or anything that contains sugar and starch, but in case these pests get into your home, they chew through any substance that comprises sugar and starch. You will be surprised to know that most of the stuff around you comprise these substances and serve as a meal for silverfish. It can chew through the wooden walls, cardboard boxes, books, doors, and even glue. They are just like termites but worse. 

All these above-mentioned features of this pest are enough to get your attention to the fact that how incredibly annoying these creatures can be. A few can be managed by you, but in case if their population rises to a dangerous level then you need to call professionals for help. Major Pest Control Sydney is a leading pest control company that you can rely upon. We offer all sorts of services related to pest control for all types of pest infestations. Your satisfaction is our main goal and to ensure that we take care of these pests for you.

Signs and symptoms of a silverfish infestation

It’s not very easy to identify whether your property has been infested by silverfish or not, as the signs or symptoms are not identifiable until you look closely. Some of the major symptoms of infestation or signs that are suggested by Major Pest Control Sydney to make sure about silverfish infestation are mentioned below:

  • Spotting live silverfish: The first and most obvious sign is seeing them. If you want to know that it is silverfish, you must know what it looks like. They are up to 1 inch long in size, have no wings, silver color slippery and scaly skin and have antennas. Sometimes they can also be brown-grey or bluish-silver in color.

  • Shed skin: just like snakes, silverfish also shed their outer skin from time to time. Their seeded skin is light silver and can easily blend with the floor which makes it tough for you to notice. But if looked upon closely you can easily recognize it.

Signs of a silverfish infestation

  • Droppings: just like any other creature that eats for survival, it has to take a dump for removing unwanted content from its body, in the same way, silverfish also discharge feces that can help you in knowing about the infestation. Its droppings are minute and resemble the shape of peas but very tiny and black in color.  

  • Yellow stains: it is one of the most distinct signs of silverfish. Wherever they stay they molt their scales and sometimes when their foreskin remains untouched, it also gets converted into this yellow substance that can be easily spotted on books, pages, walls, clothes, etc. that remain untouched for a long time.

  • Damage: silverfish cause a lot of damage due to which pest control becomes a mandatory thing that needs to be done. Some places or things of impact are books, cardboard, cloths, doors, wallpaper, wooden floor, and walls, etc. You can recognize that it is the case of silverfish infestation as they chew paper in a way that is similar to how caterpillars eat leaves.

Common areas where silverfish pests can be spotted

Silverfish can be spotted in any room or corner of the building. They usually prefer to stay in swampy and dark places, so you must watch these pests in all those areas where light cannot reach easily. In case of infestation, when their population increases to an alarming rate, they can be easily spotted anywhere but if you want to take corrective actions in time you should look for these creatures in the following mentioned places for effective pest control. 

  • Basements
  • Kitchen
  • Near garbage can
  • Behind the fridge
  • Behind the doors
  • Laundry rooms 
  • Under the bed and couch
  • Cervices and cracks of the walls  
  • Drainages and pipes 
  • Plants enabled balcony
  • Bathroom 
  • Inside walls 
  • Closets and bookshelves, etc.

The process adopted for Silverfish Control Sydney

To help you get rid of these pests Major Pest Control Sydney provides their best in class service to ensure that your premise is made silverfish free. In order to do this a, no. of activities isdone by our team of specialists. All of these activities are mentioned below so that it becomes clear to you about what you will get when you call us for our pest control service.


A 24/7 helpline no. is made available for you so that you can contact Major Pest Control Sydney in case of help. Our professionals will guide you in handling the situation that you are having. They will carefully listen to your problem and accordingly provide you with the desirable consultancy service. Our employees are always there to help you and you don’t have to hesitate if theses a pest control requirement. All you have to do is pick up your phone and give us a call and our team of workers will be there to help you.


Inspection services are concerned with knowing and identifying the type and level of infestation we have to deal with. For an effective pest control firstly, we have to know what sort of pest we are supposed to deal with. As all the varieties of pests cannot be taken care of using the same methods and techniques there a proper inspection session is organized by Major Pest Control Sydney so that it becomes easy for us to take care of the situation. The inspection work does not require much time so you don’t have to worry about your time. 

Risk assessment

Once the type of pests has been identified, what comes next is risk assessments. This has to be done as the same kind of method or technique cannot be used in all the places or for each n every pest. Therefore, for better pest control service with no damage to your property, this step becomes necessary. Out of so many methods and techniques, those are chosen which are physically and economically beneficial for you and your building. A lot of techniques prove to be best in case of buildings of industrial areas, hotels or corporate buildings and if the same is used for residential buildings then they might turn out to be a disaster.

Silverfish Prevention Sydney

Your wellbeing is the main aim of Major Pest Control Sydney and to ensure that we are suggesting some of the preventions that can help you in removing the chance of any future infestations. If you keep in mind the following things and do as we suggest, pests won’t ever be able to flourish your premise. These are some easy and effective prevention tips suggested by Major Pest Control Sydney:

Treatment For Silverfish Removal Sydney

Once the nature and type of infestations are identified by Major Pest Control Sydney team of professionals, the next work that is done is to adopt the most suitable technique of pest control. In the case of silverfish control, there is not much to do but there are some methods that are adopted for the effective and full eradication of these pests from your property. The option adopted and situation that it suits most are mentioned below:


• Traps Used By Silverfish Pest Control Sydney

pest traps are designed and used by Major Pest Control Sydney for trapping silverfish. For using these traps firstly, the food source of this pest has to be identified and the trap has to be placed near that food source. Reason being that a silverfish is so small in size and it won’t come to the trap with bait placed on the other side of the room. Or their trail is monitored by our workers and their hiding place is identified. After that, the trap can be placed near or on the entrance of the hiding place of these pests. This is the method that can be used by Major Pest Control Sydney in case of early stages of infestation.

• Insecticide dust

is the most effective mode of controlling the infestation of silverfish. Dust can be applied to the places where silverfish live in your building. Dust is inserted in the wall cracks and crevices where there is a dark and damp environment present for these pests. Mechanism of insecticide dust is very simple and it makes the sticky places dry due to which silverfish do not return to the same place again. Once all the hiding places are taken care of, automatically these pests will leave your building.

• Pyrethrin and pyrethroid synergized spray used by silverfish removal services Sydney

that contain concentrated chemicals like pyrethrin, pyrethroid or both can be used by our workers for better pest control service. Generally, this is done when the infestation is really above the danger level. For using this method building has to be fully evacuated and after that whole building is sprayed with these chemicals inside as well as outside to ensure that no pests stay alive after Major Pest Control Sydney workers are done. The spray suffocates all pests present in the building and eventually kills them, leaving you with a pest-free premise.

• Cypermethrin

The chemical is amongst one of the deadliest poisons used for killing these pests. Besides, it kills many other species of insects so you can say we are making your life better as it will not just take care of one but many other pest species at the same time. This chemical has been used and tested for a long time in different parts of the world that’s why we are also using it for pest control in your premise.

  • Other chemicals used by silverfish pest removal sydney services:
  • Bifenthrin
  • Cyfluthrin 
  • Diatomaceous 
  • Tetramethrin
  • Phenothrin
  • Borox
  • Silica gel

Follow-up Services By Our Silverfish Removal Sydney Professionals

Customer satisfaction is the main goal so, for that Major Pest Control Sydney is trying its best to achieve it. But the work does not end at making the premise pest-free, our professionals also provide you follow-up services, to maximize the level of customer satisfaction. Some of the follow-up services include:

  • A Post-inspection session for ensuring any silverfish are not left behind
  • Clearing out the smell and residues of chemicals used after completion of job
  • Full cleaning of your house after completing pest control
  • Fully ensure that no room or area of your home/building remains untouched by our workers
  • Removal of corps of silverfish so that they don’t cause any disease in future
  • Sealing of any enclosures in foundation or walls

When our employees will leave your home, you will feel like everything is the same but one thing will be missing and that will be the small bugs that were making your life miserable.

Areas covered by Silverfish Pest Control Sydney

  • Hotels 
  • Residential houses
  • Basements
  • Farms
  • Rural and urban areas 
  • Shops
  • Factories
  • Buildings
  • Banquets 
  • Restaurants 
  • Libraries
  • Schools
  • colleges

Why Choose Us for Silverfish Removal

Silverfish pest control is quite annoying as well as a lengthy process, as these pests can be found in a variety of places, and once your home is under a silverfish attack, you won’t be able to take care of them on your own using home remedies or even the pesticides.

On the other hand, if you call Major Pest Control for help then you will save a lot of time. Major Pest Control are professionals with expertise in silverfish extermination. Our silverfish pest control services are the best in town and you will know that when we will be finished. So call Major Pest Control next time you’re in a need of silverfish removal in Sydney.

Cost-Effective Silverfish Control Sydney

In the situation of a silverfish infestation, you will require professional pest controllers and Major Pest Control will be your best choice as we provide silverfish control services at a very reasonable price. The methods used by Major Pest Control workers are top-notch as well as use the least amount of chemicals, which in turn makes our services the most cost-effective silverfish control in Sydney. So next time you think you are having a silverfish problem at your home then call Major Pest Control for help and our workers will be on their way to your home.

Emergency Silverfish Removal Services in Sydney

Silverfish are among those annoying pests that can multiply very fast but another thing that makes them more dangerous is that they feed on cellulose, and most of the things in your home are comprised of cellulose. So they can destroy everything in your home while multiplying rapidly. Under normal circumstances you would hire a pest controller then they will come for a visit and perform the extermination procedure on a different day.

But in case you are in a need to get all the silverfishes killed on short notice then you can avail Major Pest Control emergency services at a very nominal additional price. So if you are under a silverfish attack and are in a need of emergency silverfish removal services in Sydney then call Major Pest Controland our expert team will take care of these pests within a very short time. Your property will be silverfish-free when our workers leave your place, that’s our guarantee.


FAQ for Silverfish Pest Control

1. How much does it cost to get rid of silverfish?

Answer: Usually, the guide prices are on average around 80-100$ for the treatment of adult species only. But, in many cases, this is not enough, because the threat has not actually been eradicated and the problem will recur.

2. What naturally kills silverfish?

Answer: Use spices and essential oils, because the fish silvery hate them, especially the lavender and bay leaf. Peppermint, lemongrass, lavender and ginkgo biloba are also effective in warding off these insects. The suggestion is to place spreaders and diffusers in books and drawers.

3. Do silverfish like beds?

Answer: to find silverfish in the bed

In some cases, silverfish are also in bed . Because mites and debris are often a paradise for small insects here. Your presence in bed is not dangerous.

4. Does one silverfish mean an infection?

Answer: Signs of infestation

The d 'minnows silver change molt throughout their lives. Finding their skin is a strong indicator of a possible infestation . Finding small holes of irregular shape in the tissues is a more common sign denoting their presence.

5. Are silverfish worse in winter?

Answer: The Silver Minnows grow more rapidly when average temperatures are around 24 ° C, so it fit very well in heated homes, where they survive all ' winter and become more active and numerous in spring.