Mosquito Control Sydney

Mosquitos, the blood-sucking insects, are amongst those insects which can be found in every corner of the earth. Mosquitos are most active after sunset but during summers they remain active 24/7, which makes them so annoying.

Mosquito control

People get annoyed with the sharp sound that mosquitos produce while flying and along with that they also spread so many different kinds of diseases like malaria, dengue, zika fever, chikungunya, etc. They are responsible for over 650,000 deaths each year which makes them deadliest creatures on earth. It’s not possible to get rid of mosquitos permanently due to their migratory nature, but you can protect your loved ones from them by taking help from professionals like us. Major Pest Control Sydney can help you in getting rid of these filthy, life-endangering insets in no time. The methods and techniques used by our workers are eco-friendly, which means that it will have no impact on the ecosystem around you.

Services provided by Major Pest Control Sydney

Services provided by Major Pest Control Sydney

  • Killing of larva before they mature and become harmful.
  • Use of fogging treatment to ensure immediate relief against mosquitos.
  • A thorough inspection of the surrounding area to determine the area of impact.
  • Use of scientific and integrated approach for getting rid of mosquitos.
  • Treatment of water sources to ensure that water source is not contaminated
  • Providing consultancy so that chances of mosquito infestation are minimized for next time.
  • Clean-up of the premises after the work is done.
  • Sustaining the ecosystem of the surrounding by not harming other species of insects like bees, ants, snails, etc.

Major Pest Control Sydney workers are trained professionals, who are equipped and trained to handle a mosquito infestation very effectively. Our workers systematically do all the work. First, they conduct a proper inspection to know what areas are needed to be taken care of. After that their main focus is to eliminate the existing adult mosquitos. Once they are taken care of, the existing larvae of mosquitos are killed, before they can start breeding and biting you. Using this dual approach, the population of mosquitos is very easily controlled. But unfortunately killing the local mosquitos is not sufficient; they may come from the anywhere nearby water source. So, it’s very important to get mosquito control yearly to ensure the safety of your family.

Preventive Steps Taken By Mosquito Control Sydney

Mosquitos can become a really big problem, if not handled at a time. But as a concerned person, you can take some preventive steps to minimize the danger of mosquito infestation. Major Pest Control Sydney is always there for your help in case of dire situations, but also being your concerned consultants, we would like you to keep only one thing in mind, eliminate water sources. The life cycle of a mosquito starts from a freshwater source. It lays its eggs in water and then eggs hatch into larvae. The larva survives by eating parasites present in water and then matures to become an adult. The life cycle of a mosquito is very short that’s why they are present everywhere. Things you can do are:

Preventive steps

  • Keep the tanks and pitchers covered.
  • Don’t let puddles of water remain in your courtyard or backyard.
  • Try to fix leakage of water or call a plumber.
  • Put some mosquito poison in water coolers that are used in summers for cooling purposes.
  • Apply mosquito repellent on your children and loved ones.
  • Use of net can prevent mosquito bites while you are asleep.
  • Some water sources that need to be taken care of are birdbaths, old tree holes, flower pots, clogged gutters, pools, etc.

Methods used by Major Pest Control Sydney

A variety of methods are used to get rid of mosquitos by Major Pest Control Sydney. These methods are broadly categorized as chemical, non-chemical and biological. All the techniques used by our team are not harmful to the environment and also help in controlling mosquitos very quickly. All the methods are mentioned below:

1. Monitoring mosquito population services in Sydney

Monitoring of the population helps our team in determining what type, what species of mosquitos are present there? Different species of mosquitos behave differently and based on information gathered, by monitoring, can be used to effectively handle them. By monitoring it can be easily determined that what factors are causing an increase in the population. It also helps our team in determining if they are disease-carrying mosquitos or not as not all the species of mosquitos feed on human blood. If our team finds that they are not dangerous then they can be removed by trapping them and displacing them to maintain ecological balance.

2. Mosquito Removal Sydney Through Source

As we all know that mosquitos can only breed in water, so we try to reduce all the sources of water in which mosquitos can lay eggs. This is the most biological way of removing mosquitos. We do this in the following manner:

  • By removing unused plastic pools, old tires clogged drains and repairing any leaks that can provide a clean water source to mosquitos.
  • Shallow ditches are used to create a network of water flow within the marshes and ditches so that a channel of flowing water can be created. These ditches are ultimately connected to the rivers or ponds so that larvae and eggs of mosquito can be drained out.
  • Pumps are used to drain out marshes in late spring and summer to prevent the female mosquitos from laying eggs. These marshes are again filled by our team after a breeding season of mosquitos is over so that they can work easily again.

3. Biocontrol Technique Used By Mosquito Treatment Sydney

Biocontrolor biological control is the technique of using natural enemies to manage the population of mosquitos in pest control. There are various types of techniques like introducing parasites, predators, and pathogens that target mosquitos. The most effective mode is using fishes that feed on mosquito larvae. They are left in pools and marshes where mosquitos lay their eggs so that if mosquitos breed there, they can be easily terminated. Some of the other common predators used are lizards, gecko, dragonflies, etc. and these are used for mosquito control regarding adult mosquitos.

Another type of biological method used for sustainable and eco-friendly control of mosquitos is known as trap larva. An artificial breeding ground is created for mosquitos and when mosquitos breed there, either the larvae are thrown in a dry place or fed to fishes to eliminate them. Or a plastic layer can be applied to the artificial breeding area created to suffocate them.

4. Oil Drip Uesd By Our Mosquito Pest Control Treatment Sydney Professionals

A thin layer of oil is placed over the water in which larvae are present. Any type of oil can be used to do this but at Major Pest Control Sydney we use a mixture of oils that not only kill larvae but also the adult mosquitos for eco pest control. Moreover, the commonly used oil is kerosene oil. By doing so, we try to cut the supply of oxygen to them which ultimately results in suffocation and ultimately death. Not only that, once a layer of oil is placed, no more mosquitos try to lay eggs in that place, as they can’t penetrate through the oil layer.

5. Traps Used By Mosquito Control Sydney

Major Pest Control Sydney uses lethal ovitraps, which provide an artificial breeding spot for mosquitos where they come to lay eggs. Mosquitos enter these traps and then get caught in them. Another type of traps used by Major Pest Control Sydney is lethal ovitraps. Lethal ovitraps contain chemicals inside them which is used to kill the mosquito eggs or both eggs and mosquito itself. One more trap is used which emits light and smells that mimic the presence of a mammal. Mosquitos are fooled by these types of traps easily and ensure an ecofriendly way of pest control in the case of mosquitos.

6. Chemical Methods Used For Mosquito Infestation Control Sydney

It is one of the traditional methods used in every part of the world to deal with the problem of mosquitos. This is the chemical method used by Major Pest Control Sydney. Mostly it is accomplished by ground-based or aerial application, but the latter is used most by Major Pest Control Sydney. Chemicals that are used in this process are insecticides like a duet, DEET, citronella, DDT, etc. 

These chemicals assure effective mosquito control. These chemicals are spread all over the pest infested area for mosquito control. The use of DDT has been reduced by us as in some areas, authorities don’t allow the use of this chemical. These chemicals are also mixed in the marshes, dumps and other places where mosquitos breed. No chemical application is done at the places where other animal species can get infected by consuming these chemicals.

It is another chemical method used for mosquito control by Major Pest Control Sydney. Our teams of scientists use only those chemicals, for this purpose, that won’t cause any trouble for the neighbourhood. The method of fogging works in three ways

  • Firstly, it kills all the mosquitos instantly that come in contact with it.
  • Secondly, it kills all the mosquitos and larvae that are present on land or in open sources of water.
  • Thirdly if any mosquitos from outside try to enter your area in near future then they will also be killed as the effect of chemicals remains for a long time.

Follow-up course of action by Our Mosquito Control Sydney Professionals

For ensuring 100% satisfaction to the customers Major Pest Control Sydney goes a step further and provides a no. of additional follow-up services that will make you feel like you have derived the best you can get for what you have paid. For maximizing your level of satisfaction here are listed some of the follow-up course of actions that you will get for choosing Major Pest ControlSydney.

  • No trace of pesticides once the work is completed
  • Courtyard and backyard cleaning after completion of pest control
  • Vacuum out all the dead mosquitoes from the premises
  • Sealing out the entry points that can be sealed
  • Removal of the smell of pesticides from property

Areas covered by Major Pest Control Sydney

  • Hotels 
  • Warehouses 
  • Hospitals 
  • Residential houses
  • Basements
  • Farms
  • Manufacturing units
  • Industrial units
  • Rural and urban areas 
  • Schools

FAQ for Mosquito Pest Control

1. Do mosquito control companies really work?

Answer: There are no scientific publications that demonstrate the real effectiveness of these appliances and there is no evidence that the gardens that use them are more liveable than those that do not.

2. What kills mosquitoes instantly?

Answer: Electric Racket: Kills all the mosquitoes ' instant because the latter come into contact with the electrified surface and lethal. ... Lamps: Led, sodium or yellow are a valid mosquito repellent.

3. What smell do mosquitoes hate the most?

Answer: The smell of some essential oils is very annoying for mosquitoes . The most effective against these insects are: the essential oil of lavender, lemon, lemongrass, geranium, mint, eucalyptus, up to tea tree oil.

4. How do I get rid of mosquitoes in my bedroom?


  1. Homemade lemongrass. ...
  2. A few drops of...
  3. Throw rosemary on the barbecue.
  4. Mosquitorepellent plants . ...
  5. Eat more garlic. ...
  6. Apply Oil of...
  7. Repellent to...
  8. Attracting bats.

5. What attracts mosquito the most?

Answer: Currently carbon dioxide and lactic acid have been identified as the two main elements that attract mosquitoes as well as being the best studied. The carbon dioxide released by the breath but also by the skin can be detected by mosquitoes at distances up to 36 meters.