Ant Pest Control Sydney

Ants as the pest in our indoors are the way too annoying with the prominent presence they show all around the accommodation and living spaces. Their long trails are visible to naked eyes easily as a result of which they manifestation on the various underlying corner of floors, kitchens, drawings room and even in bathrooms is a troublesome act.

These pests can tirelessly work to strengthen their population and adversely impact the surrounding with their deliberate activities of food items especially the sugary ones. There never stopping numbers to the infestation attack leads to cause havoc in one's living space. The exaggerated number of ants allows them to dominate in the accommodation with all negative aspects. Surprisingly those these pests don't make to directly impact your health but the fact that food is their biggest attraction they play a significant role in spoiling the food and dwelling over it which could certainly raise health issues. However, this instance could not be related similarly to a red ant, because any bite or sting of a red ant can lead to a serious allergic reaction on the site of an attack by the ant followed by acute pain.

Signs and symptoms of Ants infestation

Ant's infestation around the accommodation can be ascertained quickly with naked eyes. Moreover, their inherent tendency to live in colonies and make trails while carrying the food from one place to another makes it even more susceptible to target them various other signs and symptoms which could appear along with the infestation of ants as a pest are:

Ants infestation

  • Mud trails
  • Sand structures
  • Spotted nest
  • Spoiled food and sugary items
  • Spotting them hidden on spots and cracks
  • Tracing them on spills 

Common areas where these pests can be spotted

Once the ant attack is being made on a particular space, it tends to occupy all possible areas with much of food accessibility and shelter required to get along with its presence and sustainability. The most prominent areas where these could be spotted is well "anywhere" of to nearly mention "everywhere" in and around the accommodation. Listing down those few common areas where the presence to be generally seen is as follows:

  • Bedrooms
  • Laundry rooms
  • Unchecked luggage
  • Drawers of beds and tables
  • In Bed and sofa frames
  • In housing furniture and upholstery
  • In cracks and cervices of walls
  • In kitchen and cupboards
  • Food storage units
  • On floors
  • In kitchen gardens and many more.

The process adopted for Ant Control Sydney


Getting in touch with the much-looked professional help in case of an ant infestation is much needed have all taken up control and preventive step. The very underlying reason that professional pest control service is much out looked in case of Ant infestation is the outnumber count of ants during the course which cannot be handled in a much appropriate manner by general methods and practices.

Consulting the professional exterminators of Ant Pest Control Sydney for the same allows you to the compliance done with all the ailing issues and achieve the best of pest control in many results and quality-oriented manner.


Inspection is another important step that comes into consideration while ascertaining the best of pest control services. During this course, important factors and underlying parameters are being given specific attention which works to identify the particular species of ant which have invaded the space and thus also helping to determine a targeted delivery to combat the issue inappropriate manner.

Various processes and methods which are much needed to be implemented in most of the righteous manner to control the ant infestation {City Name] are also being carried precisely with the help of a proficient inspection step.

Risk assessment

In the risk assessment step,  take into notice the accountability of all those chemical means which could be adopted to control the pest infestation. Assessing the procedure to be employed for controlling the infestation helps us to achieve better results which are well compiled with safety aspects as well.


After ascertaining the ants which have certainly manifested across your accommodation, the next important step which comes into being is the determination of nature, habitat and living patterns of these pests as it plays a vital role in bringing required control over the same. Monitoring the behavior of the pests allows the professionals of Ant Pest Control Sydney to take into consideration much of the targeted role to deal with these pests constructively as a result of which visible results over their eradication could be achieved with subsequent sessions.

The life cycle of ants:

Ants usually being one of the notorious pests find its origin in various habitats in a highly evolved manner. It is mainly either because of the forage they seek for food or for habitats they want to make across the accommodation.

As aforesaid mentioned ants are found to live in colonies as a result of which three different castes of ants are found to persist which are workers, queens, and mates respectively. The ants generally have a life span of about 7 years on average while the queen can live for about 15 years. These pests are also found to show metamorphosis during the various phases of their life cycle. an ant is usually found to lay about 10-20 eggs in about 24 hours approximately and shows high division numbers to form large colonies of their nature.

life cycle of ants


Types of Ants Species in Melbourne


This step of pest control treatment is true of paramount importance. There are almost 1247 species of ants that are found to inhabit various accommodations across Australia and hence it becomes important to take into account the identifying role of the pests so that the most suitable method to knock them down could be taken up with best results. Among all the known species of ants the most prominent ones which are found to invade the commercial and residential places are as follow:


common types of ants

Little black ant: Quite small in size and black in color, usually found as one of the most common ants in a household with pests' infestation property.

Fire ant: Red to copper brown in colors and are quite big as compared to the normal-sized ants. Possess stinging property that has an allergic reaction due to formic acid properties.

Argentine ant: Dark browned coloured ants which are generally found in humid temperatures.

House ant: As indicated by the name itself, they generally have feeding tendencies over food items, approximately shows colonies up to 10,000.

Pharaoh's ant: This particular species of an ant infestation is known for a comparable high number of queens that are confined to this group. Multi queens are being found are found to be seen in this group whereby, 1 queen lays about 3500 eggs on an average in its life span.

Carpenters ant: These species of ant is found to having food foraging property and can be easily spotted in around the living space by feeding on some of the other food items.

Odorous ant: a scavenging kind of ant that is usually found to vest over the waste items as a result of which they also possess an offensive and stinking smell too.

Treatment For Ant Pest Control Sydney

The treatment being given to control the pest control is certainly the most crucial step which has to be taken with concise inputs. The right treatment when being rendered to the particular infestation of the pests certainly leads to giving visible achievable results which allow availing the best of implemented results. Various methods which could be used for the treatment of pest control are:

  • Non-chemical methods
  • Chemical methods

• Non-chemical methods used by our Professionals:

Taking into account the extent to which the infestation has been brought into the respective accommodation. Various methods being employed by Major Pest Control Sydney for this very purpose are:

  • Hygiene and cleanliness
  • Herbals 
  • Repair and restructure of Cracks and Crevices

• Chemical methods used by our Professionals:

While it comes to the implications of using the chemical means to control the determined pest control professional pest control assistance is always sought for better results. In all those instances where the pests' number is extensive, chemical methods have a major role to control the infestation. Of all chemical methods which are being used by the pest control professionals for Ant Pest Control Sydney few are being mentioned below:

Baits and gels

The usage of baits and gels to counteract the pests is used for a long time. As a part of chemical methods, various insecticidal properties related to such methods include:

  • Boric acid and borates
  • Insecticidal growth regulators
  • Neonicotinoids
  • Avermectins

Aerosols and foggers

In those extreme cases where the known population of the pests exceeds even control measures, the aerosols can be used as the chemical methods of insecticides to tackle the ant's inappropriate manner. Several chemicals can be used at a similar point of time for it such as:

  • Limonene
  • Phenyethyl
  • Pyrethroids
  • Organophosphates and Carbamates

Botanicals such as peppermint and cinnamon extract with chemical-based emulsion and suspension property can be used to tackle the ants righteously.

Duration of Ant exterminator session By our Professionals in Sydney

Generally, the decided duration of pest control session to eliminate these unwanted guests depends upon the number of their population. Ordinarily, it takes about 2-3 hours to complete the entire session of pest control service which also then further depends on the mode of treatment and usage of equipment being used for the pest control.

Follow up

Our duty to provide you with the best of pest-free ambiance does not stop here. We do take in the process the rightly and duly compiled post-inspection session to assure that in none of the cases any kinds of pests are not left behind. Periodic follow-ups are also taken in all those probable cases where re-emergence of such pests could come up over time

Pest controlling aspects which makes Major Pest Control Sydney different

We have been among the most reliable and affordable ant pest control service providers in the town and that is indeed the very reason that customers always seek our compliance whenever they confront any kind of pests related issues. The dropdown is the list of that entire characteristic which every time makes us outstand while delivering the best set of ant pest control services to you:

Pest controlling aspects which makes Major Pest Control Sydney different

  • 100 % customer satisfaction
  • Affordable pest control service
  • Emergency services around the clock to treat pest infestation in a righteous manner
  • Equipped Team Certified and licensed professional experts for effective pest control
  • Advanced techniques and procedure for effective pest control
  • Safety profiling for all chemical-based treatment
  • Periodic inspection post the session 

Sectors covered by Major Pest Control Sydney

Our professional pest control services being one of the finest in Sydney allows you to render our impeccable services in various sectors such as:

  • Residential spaces
  • Commercial accommodations
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Furniture showrooms
  • Balcony
  • Open terrace gardens
  • Backyards
  • Basements

FAQ on Ant Pest Control

1. How do I get rid of Ants permanently?

Answer: Make a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water. Pour it into a spray bottle and spray it on all entry points in your home, including windows, doors, and baseboards. You can also spray it directly on the ants. It will take a few hours to kill them as they pass through the treated areas.

2. Is it worth getting an exterminator for ants?

Answer: The pest ants in the house must be diligent and delicate. You should avoid spraying chemicals, in fact, the environments where you live are the most sensitive. Besides, spraying the insecticide is useless. With powdered ant poison, you could get intoxicated because a breath of wind would be enough to breathe it. Avoid any danger and contact the Major Pest Control experts, they know the remedies against ants.

3. What does pest control use for ants?

Answer: Drive the ants out of the garden Garlic is also very effective in this regard. There are various substances that annoy these insects: you can spray the plants with garlic macerate or use chilli or wood ash.

4. How much does it cost for pest control for ants?

Answer: Usually, however, the price for a single pest control intervention ranges from a minimum of 80$, for small treatments, to a maximum of 200/300$, for interventions in larger areas.