Termite Control Melbourne

The Pest's infestation can compromise the structural stability of the home, and cause thousands of dollars in damage, without anyone even knowing. The termites are considered to be one of the most irksome insects present in the world. When most people worry about the risk of termite infestations, they wonder about the impact termites will have on their homes. 

termites concerns of pest infestation

Termites may sting and bite also. However, the wounds given by termite’s bite are not toxic. These termites are not known to carry diseases harmful to humans, but they can be carriers of some communicable diseases. However, people who are living in homes that are infested with termites may suffer from allergic reactions or even asthma attacks. When in your home you have a heating and ventilation system they especially contribute to the spread of irritating particles and dust from termites’ nests. Some people are proven allergic to termite saliva or droppings. Termites may cause health hazards that are virtually not noticeable. Hence preventing a termite infestation is an important goal for homeowners, considering that this termite damage can be costly and they can be difficult to eradicate.

The termites are considered to be the most important wood-destroying pests. Termites can spread mould, which can travel in the air and infect people. There are different kinds of moulds, some of them can cause serious illness. Not only the health hazards but also, they can just turn a beautiful home into a pile of dust within a few weeks. They can cause some allergies, but there are many examples where people suffered from Aspergillosis due to cytotoxicity spread by termites. 

As we know that “Prevention is better than cure” Major Pest Control Melbourne is here to help you with the termite inspection. Major Pest Control Melbourne will not only give you security from termite infestation but also peace of mind. We know the best possible ways to protect you from the termites and the hazards caused by them.

Termite Inspection Melbourne

It is important to know and observe for any sign of termite invasion in your home. If you are not getting a periodic inspection of your house or premise the termite activity is such type of activity which can remain undetected by you for several years. We conduct a thorough examination of your home strategically. Major Pest Control Melbourne inspects both the interior and exterior of your property. We inspect the trees in your backyard, ceilings, wooden sheds, fences, etc. you should keep an eye on following signs of termite activity. 

How do you know that you have a pest invasion?

  • Discarded wings can be seen in your home on the surface or mostly in spider webs on the walls. If you see any such thing it is one of the indicators of termite infestation.
  • Mud tubes as tiny pieces of soil, wood, debris are seen in your surroundings
  • Termite droppings also called frass are seen as tiny fecal mounds that often indicate termite infestation in your home. 
  • You may also notice exclusively squeaky floorboards. 
  • Crumbling and damaged woods 
  • The doors and windows may be stuck. 
  • You may also notice mazes like patterns in furniture, floorboards or walls. 
  • Also, there are buckling wooden or narrow laminate floorboards. 
  • Headbanging can be heard as quiet clicking sounds coming from your walls. 

Probable areas where termites can be spotted?

There are over 3,000 species of termites all over the world. However, the species are found depending upon the country and the area. The termites can be categorized differently as subterranean, damp wood, dry wood, etc. depending on which species they are from they are spotted in particular areas. Termites can be found in the following places:

Probable areas where termites can be spotted?

  • wood furniture
  • the walls 
  • the windows
  • In cracks and voids
  • leaking gutters and faucet,
  • kitchen, basement draws

Effective process of the termite pest control in Melbourne

Our pest control services are the most professional pest control services with skilled trained personnel on our team. Major Pest Control Melbourne provides you with the most effective termite control services that protect you and your home from any infestations. 

• Consultation

Termite inspections are very much essential for early detection of termite activity on the property to prevent potential damage. Termite consultants of Major Pest Control Melbourne will use their experience and professional training and suggest the best remedies by taking into consideration the various parameters that are important for termite inspection such as the type of the termites, the species of the termites, the areas where they can be likely spotted, etc. our consultants make use of local knowledge and the latest technology. Our experts have been providing a solution for years. We have developed methods and we can tell you exactly what to expect from the termite inspection. Inspection experts go through some steps as:

  • Pre-inspection- before just beginning the inspection licensed inspectors of Major Pest Control Melbourne discuss your concerns and any particular need you have. Also, thorough description is given by them of what is involved in the process. The specialist needs to assess all the walls. 
  • During the inspection- the outside and inside of your property are examined by our expert. Our specialist will be searching for termites either live or dead, termite droppings, termite wings, and termites’ tubes. 
  • Post-inspection- after the initial steps are done, you will receive a report which will provide you with all the details of the inspection and the further measures our team would take. 

• Risk assessment

The biggest reason to get termite control is that termite damage can be widespread. These termites eat wood from the inside and weaken it. Our trained professionals can detect existing infestation and help you prevent future problems. The risk assessment is done in advance while building the home and commercial places. The National Registration Schemes for Agricultural and veterinary chemicals impact via the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority which evaluates the safety and performances of chemicals where used in the barrier system. Depending upon different countries there are different termite management standards. 

• Identification

Termites are very small and similar in size to an ant, which often leads to confusion. The several different types of termites make it more challenging to select the control method. These termites have secretive nature and hence can’t be detected or identified with untrained eyes. The ants and termites can be differentiated based on general differences in appearances and behavior such as the waist, antennae, wing length, etc. for identification we also make use of the thermal detection process to aid the termite identification and detection process. Professionals of Major Pest Control Melbourne make correct identification and hence the most effective solution plan is designed quickly and by us and brings the problem under control. 

• Monitoring

Monitoring of the termite’s different types of termite monitoring stations can be installed when a property currently has a termite infestation, or they can be installed as a system to monitor any future infestations. The monitoring stations have been proved helpful to detect termites along with the regular inspection. Also, there are termite monitoring stations that can detect a particular type of termites and hence Major Pest Control Melbourne can provide you services depending on the type of termite infestation in your home. There are different stages in the growth of termites that are called as the life cycle of termites.

• Eggs

The life cycle begins with an egg, which is different from ant or bee in that it goes through a developmental process called incomplete metamorphosis, with egg, nymph and adult stage. 

life cycie of termites

  • The development of nymph into adults can take months; the period depends on food availability, temperature and the general population of the colony. In nymphs, the molting process continues throughout termite’s life cycle.

• Larvae

The course of several moults, these larvae grow to assume the role in one of three termite colony castes: workers, soldiers, and reproductive termites known as alates. 

• Castes

Caste of termites has a distinct physical appearance. The reproductive ones are dark in color and are born with two pairs of wings. 

• Swarming

The Life cycle also includes swarming. The alates which are reproductive termites become harder and darker to help the swarming termites withstand exposure to light and less humid air. 

• The life span of termites

Soldiers termites live approximately one to two years of life. Queen termites may survive for over a decade under optimal climatic conditions. 

Termite Treatment Melbourne

There are chemical and non-chemical methods as remedies to termite infestation 


Chemical methods used by our termite control Melbourne professionals:

these methods involve applying a liquid chemical to the soil, either under concrete flooring/ around the entire perimeter of your building. Our termite control technicians are trained to take care of your home or business to create an effective treatment zone with minimum disruption to your premises and its surroundings. There are various types of chemical treatments, some chemicals are designed to kill the termites and others are to deter them. If we talk about the life expectancy of the chemical treatment zone it is typically 10 years. Major Pest Control Melbourne make use of different termite solutions and choose the right type of termite treatment for you. 

Sprayed chemical: this approach generally requires permanent access to all areas of the barriers for re-application purposes.

System: this approach uses dedicated pipework hidden in the construction or beneath it, which allows re-application without the same need for access. 

Non – chemical methods used by our termite treatment Melbourne experts:

These involve creating structural barriers for termites. They are the physical barriers like walls. Physical walls are made up of materials that termites are unable to eat through rock and metals. These types of protection are placed in wall cavities, foundations, under concrete slabs, etc. During pre-construction, certain materials can be used to prevent termites such as concrete slabs, graded particles, sheet materials, sealing gaps.

Process of effective termite treatment that is taken up by us as professional pest control service providers

When you find yourself under attack by the destructive nature of termites, you want someone you can trust quickly to restore your sense of comfort. The treatment plans of Major Pest Control Melbourne are tailored specially for your particular needs. We are specially trained in providing you with the best chemical solution by using termiticides. Our conventional treatment plans are proven to be very successful. 

The conventional method works as follows:

  • The liquid termiticides treatment is used on areas of termite activity inside and out. 
  • Drilling is done to apply material under slabs and porches and into hollow block walls voids. We fill in all drilled areas once the treatment is completed. 
  • Exterior and interior application levels based on infestation levels.
  • Services include a renewable one-year warranty. 
  • We are suitable for all buildings that might be homes or businesses. 

The various sectors where Major Pest Control Melbourne provide services

We provide services everywhere in domestic and commercial regions. We provide you with complete termite control services for homes, business locations, and other commercial properties, in pre-building regions. Also, we are always available for your consultation. You can contact us anytime anywhere to avail of our pest control services. 

FAQ for Termite Pest Control

1. How much does it cost to exterminate termites?

Answer: Pest control is carried out by experts in the sector who use specific techniques and products capable of guaranteeing excellent results in a short time. Normally, the cost of termite pest control can range from 70 euros up to a maximum price of 500 euros.

2. Can I spray for termites myself?

Answer: DO NOT spray insecticides. These only kill the adult termites but not the eggs. ... DO NOT remove infested wood as termites may have attacked other parts as well.

3. What is the fastest way to get rid of termites?

Answer: The only way to definitively kill this pest is to rely on a professional pest control service thanks to which the technicians of the sector will be able to establish the extent of the phenomenon and opt for the most effective method to eradicate the underground termites.

4. How do you tell if you have termites in your walls?

Answer: The small tubes are made by insects with earth, various debris, their feces and their saliva. If you have noticed these tunnels, it means that the termites are active and the infestation is already underway.

5. How do I kill termites in my house?

Answer: There are some chemicals that can instantly kill all termites in a particular colony.
What kills termites?

  1. Permethrin powder. ...
  2. Arsenic powder. ...
  3. Low temperature. ...
  4. Floods kill termites. ..
  5. sunlight
  6. salt