Cockroach Pest Control Springvale South

Cockroaches are among those insects that not only make you sick but are annoying as hell and it’s not that easy to get rid of them. These tiny pests can easily turn your mood from great to worst in a matter of time. These pests tend to live under the harshest conditions so many home remedies that might work for killing other pests, may not even cause a scratch to roaches. But you need not worry or panic after seeing a cockroach in your home and just get in touch with Major Pest Control. Our workers are professional cockroach exterminators, having the right equipment along with tons of experience in cockroach control.

Many people tend to take care of roaches on their own but aren’t able to deal with them properly. So you should try to avoid doing this mistake and get in touch with Major Pest Control. Our team of professionals will find and exterminate every cockroach in your home to make sure there’s no chance of any future infestation. Our cockroach control service in Springvale South is best as our workers do their job in a proper, step-by-step manner to ensure efficiency. Another plus point about us is that our prices are very reasonable and not very high in comparison to our competitors. So consider hiring us in case your house is under cockroach, or any other pest, infestation.

What do you need to know about cockroaches?

There are a lot of fascinating things about cockroaches that you might not know. Cockroaches are even older than the dinosaurs, which means they were able to survive the harshest climate change after the asteroid collided with earth. As they have been on this planet for so long, they have developed immunity for many of the deadly viruses and diseases. Not only that, they can eat any organic matter, which means from the  In your kitchen to the feces in the gutters, they can survive on anything, even the dead and decaying organisms.

Also, a female cockroach can mate once In its lifetime and then keep laying eggs for the rest of her life without further mating. They can even survive without food for at least a month, a week without water and a week without ahead, yes you read that right. All these facts make cockroaches the ultimate survivors and that’s why its not so easy to kill them.

Diseases Caused by Cockroaches

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Many people have a misconception that every kind of cockroach is harmful and causes diseases. But not every cockroach species out there is dangerous and makes you sick. Only 4-5 species of cockroach are harmfulthe Oriental cockroach, German cockroaches, and American cockroach are the most common disease-causingcockroaches. Cockroaches are a living host for many bacteria like Escherichia coli, Mycobacterium leprae, Alcaligenesfaecalis, Campylobacter jejuni, etc. All these bacteria have a different role in making you sick as each of them reacts in different parts of your body. Here are some common problems caused by these bacteria:

  • Food poisoning
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Enteritis
  • Gas gangrene
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Diarrhea
  • Wound infection
  • Leprosy

Most of the time people don’t see any roaches in their homes but keep catching any of the above-mentioneddiseases frequently. Its because cockroaches try to stay out of our site and only come out at night in search of food. They roam all over the kitchen shelves and cabinets in search of food and spread the germs and bacteria that are present inside them. Even their droppings contain so many bacteria. So cockroaches don’t directly spread diseases like mosquitoes but do it indirectly, like a housefly.

Cockroach species that you may encounter on your property

In this world, there are more than 4000 species of cockroaches, but surprisingly not more than 30 are harm-causing and are termed asbecause only these species are known to infest your property. Most of the cockroach species are found in the wild, where they eat plants and dead animals. They live there peacefully without bothering humans, but the ones that are considered pests live in and near buildings and houses. In the cities they are found crawling everywhere, from the depths of the manholes to the heights of the tallest buildings, cockroaches can reach anywhere. And due to their ability to eat any organic matter, they can easily survive in those places where other insects might not even think of going.

There are the most stubborn and insolent creatures that may make your life miserable. After knowing so many facts about cockroaches, you might be wondering how can you possibly know what type of cockroach you have in your backyard or home and should you worry about them or not. That’s why Major Pest Control is mentioning here all those cockroach species that may end up infesting your house:

German cockroach

They are considered the worst of all the species and, unfortunately, are the most common species of cockroach found all over the world. They are tiny and can grow maximum to a length of 1.5 cm. Due to their small size, they are really fast and can hide very quickly. They are usually light brown to tan in color and have 2 almost parallel black stripes on their wings. They have two antennas and 6 legs just like any other cockroach.

If you have spotted one cockroach in your home, then its more likely that you have a whole family of cockroachesliving inside your home, because they don’t live in isolation rather they are among socialized species that always live in groups. So bend over and start searching for them in all the humid and warm places like near your water heater as that is one of their favoriteplaces for residing.

Other common areas where these roaches can be seen frequently are the kitchen counters, drawer, and bathroom as there is plenty of water and these cockroaches can’t survive for long without water. Theirdroppings also contain a variety of bacteria that can make you sick. It looks like black poppy seeds and is not so easy to spot.

American cockroaches

Another common species of cockroach that can be found anywhere in the world is the American cockroach. They are experts in invading anywhere they go and don’t hesitate for even a second for doing that. They are considered the worst of cockroaches due to a lot of reasons. They are quite big and can grow up to 5 cm. They have jaws that are built to bite the flesh, so if you have American cockroaches in your apartmentthen they may end up biting you, which may make you sick.

These cockroaches are easily distinguished, firstly due to their size and secondly, due to their reddish-brown color. Although most of the cockroach species have wings but are unable to fly, these American roaches can fly with the help of their long and strongwings. Generally, you will find them flying when the temperature is high, otherwise, they don’t bother flying. But due to their large size, they can’t fly for long and the worst part of flying cockroaches is that they fly for a short duration, and that also in a very unexpected way as they are unable to control their body while flying. Sometimes it may start flying out of fear of being killed by you but unfortunately end up falling on you due to their inability to fly efficiently. So always beware of flying American roaches.

Oriental cockroach

These cockroaches are smaller in size in comparison to American cockroaches but larger than German cockroaches. They can grow up to 2-2.5 cm in size. Despite having a medium size, they appear large due to their wider body. They are usually glossy black but sometimes can also be seen in a dark shade of reddish-brown. Due to their glossy body, they are sometimes referred to as beetle cockroaches.

The female oriental cockroach is slightly larger as compared to the male, both in length and width. The difference in size is very slight but the most significant difference between them is their wings. The female has tiny wings, whichis only a quarter of its whole body size, but the male has longer wings. But both males and females cant fly despite the male having longer wings, the wings serve no use.

Oriental cockroaches (Blatta oriental) prefer to live in moist and damp places, that’s why they are usually found in the sewerage pipes, basements, sinkholes, etc. The favorable temperature for their survival is 20°-29° C. Also they prefer dark areas and that’s why these cockroaches don’t usually come out during the daytime. These cockroaches are known for rapidly multiplying so you need to call Major Pest Control for cockroach extermination in Springvale South as soon as possible.

Smoky brown cockroaches

These roaches closely resemble the American roaches. The smoky brown cockroaches, as the name suggests, are dark brown and grow up to  3.5cm long. Many people say they are distant cousins of American roaches and some even believe them to be the same. But if you look closely then you could easily be distinguished between them. The smoky brown roaches have the same shade of dark brown from head to back, unlike the American cockroach, who has a white or light brown ring below their head.

These cockroaches are also scavengers and can survive on any organic matter. These cockroaches can’t stand too much cold weather and that’s why you will not find these pests in or near your home during summers. It is only the winter season when these roaches take refuge in your house.

A female smoky brown cockroach Carries a capsule full of its eggs along with it and after it finds a perfectly humid spot, it detaches the capsule there. When the eggs hatch, the offspring scatter and then most of them stay in your home till they are fully grown. After that, they move out if the weather conditions are favorable for them. If the temperature is below 16°, then they will prefer staying indoors to preserve their energy and avoid getting killed.

Reliable cockroach control service in Springvale South at a reasonable price

There are a lot of pest control service providers who claim to provide you the pest control services at the cheapest price possible. When you look at their prices, you feel like maybe you should get them instead of professional pest control companies. But if you look at the overall cost and other things, then you will come to know that professionals provide pest control services at a very reasonable price.

The one’s claiming to provide services at cheaper rates usually don’t use the best quality pest control tools and equipment. They tend to use cheap solutions and chemicals to kill the pests. After they finish, many of them don’t even properly provide the follow-up cleaning services, and not only this the insects may start returning to your property again in 1 or 2 months.

But at Major Pest Control we provide you the best possible service at the most reasonable prices. Once we finish our job our clients are shocked to see the results as their property becomes completely pest free and that also stays the same for a very long time. So if you want to get the best cockroach control services at a reasonable price then consider calling Major Pest Control.

cockroach pest control in abbotsford

Same-day cockroach pest control Springvale South

Major Pest Control is the best pest control service provider in Springvale South and we provide a wide range of pest control services too one of them is same-day cockroach pest control. It is not easy to be able to live in your apartment, knowing that cockroaches are crawling all over the place. That’s why we have come up with our same-day service. Here you will be provided with cockroach pest control services in abbotssford the same day, only for a nominal additional charge. Our workers will advance the work of pest control with the best equipment, as soon as possible. You can go out for a picnic with your family and by the time you’ll be back by night, our workers will be done with the work in most of the cases. We will deeply additional workforce if needed to complete the task on hand in the least time possible so that you can once again live in your home peacefully.

Why hire Major Pest Control Springvale South?

Cockroaches are the most disgusting pests out there. Many times at the peak of their infestation, people get pissed not just because they find them in different parts of the house frequently, rather they get annoyed because the pests start roaming freely on the floor, which makes them wash their shoes and carpet or floor again and again. That’s why to get rid of these cockroaches you must text Major Pest Control and avail our cockroach control services in Springvale South. After you contact our worker, he/she will fix an appointment for you. Then our workers will visit your property and thoroughly examine the situation and then accordingly commence. By doing all this they will make sure what type of treatment will be best for your home and eventually cost less. At the end, when our team of professionals has finished cockroach extermination, your property will be free from all the roaches. Major Pest Control workers have tons of experience in the eradication of these pests and they are the best at doing this. So if you are looking for professional cockroach pest control in Springvale South, then Major Pest Control should be the one you contact. Your satisfaction is our primary goal so feel free to ask for our services anytime, we will be ready to offer them all the time.