Rodent Pest Control Melbourne

Rodents as the concerned pests are always associated with the dreadful disease spreading tendency. Not only this in certain cases where these rodents have scratched or have bitten an individual it has led them to fall prey to rat-bite fever illness as well. Rodents are the broader category which includes both rats and mice. In Australia itself, about 60 native rodent species are found and among them, about three species are found to occur in the majority for pest infestation most commonly.Thats why mice control is must.

concern of rodent pest infestation

Various diseases Spread by Rodent in Melbourne

  1.  Plague: When bitten with rat fleas, the bacterium Yersinia Pestis gets transmitted from the rodents and leads to cause this horrifying disease.

  2.  Urban typhus: In possible cases of ingestion of the food which is being contaminated by rodents, this disease is ascertained affect many individuals.

  3.  Spotted fever:comes in contact with the individual from pets in the house.

  4.  Rat-bite fever: generally found to spread due to the rat biting and its bacterial transmission.

How to know about the pest invasion?

While it comes to witness all those signs and symptoms of pests’ infestation it generally comprises of the fact that sooner you identify the occurrence of these unwelcome guests and more effectively you take action for the same. Sooner you get rid of them.

How to know about the pest invasion?

Various signs and symptoms which can be the possible markers of rodent infestations are:

  • Musky odour
  • Packages foods being tampered
  • Gnaw signs
  • Rat droppings
  • Spotting them with naked eyes
  • Spoiled food
  • Cluttered food items
  • Rat holes and footprints
  • Shredded paper and cloth

Probable areas where the pests can be spotted?

The dropdown is the list of those probable areas where you can spot these rodents and bring in into more of concern to adopt with a professional way to eradicate them for your living space.

Probable areas where the pests can be spotted?

For which you can consult Major Pest Control Melbourne.

  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry rooms
  • Basements
  • Cervices and cracks of the walls 
  • Drainages and pipes
  • Plants enabled balcony etc.

The process adopted for rodent control Melbourne

These pests are even more of raising concern because of their quite small size, quick responding time, and fast breeding cycles and to feed on all the variety of ample food and leftovers. Their tendency to attack the food that the consumer has an extremely high rate of contamination ratio if taken up by any other individual. Rodent’s infestation is disastrous both in terms of the diseases they spread and even in the cost of repair which incurs due to the damage being posed by them. Due to their so pronounce effects it becomes necessary to adopt the best standard process for the rodent pest control Melbourne be done in the most result assured manner.

• Consultation

Foremost to the process that is to be taken up for pest control a significant role is being played by the customer consultation with our highly cooperative staff. While you get in compliance to avail the professional pest control serviceprovided to you by Major Pest Control January 2020 on a platform of one to one interaction with our highly qualified personnel who caters to take into account all those important aspects of pests which have been bothering you and you seek the apt remedial action to tackle them down.

• Inspection For Rodent Treatment Melbourne

Pre-inspection of the entire accommodation with strict measure assures that the pests are being controlled efficiently in the best of possible manner. This also helps to create a checklist for the professional service providers of Major Pest Control Melbourne as to what all ailing concerns are to be brought under the treatment process which could be used to ascertain guaranteed results. Inspection step also helps users to identify the particular mechanism which would be used by us to serve the pest infestation depending upon the invasion of the pests in terms of high, Medium or low infestation.

• Risk assessment

Having determined the degree of pest invasion upon a particular set of accommodation, the next determined step which comes into being is the procedure that would be used to apply for the eradication of the same. Depending upon the degree of the pest infestation the predictable non-chemical and chemical means for effective pest control is being understood. The underlying various risks which could come up during the process are being out looked and minimization of the same is also being done so that no compromise should be taken either in terms of determining pest control or your health terms.

In all those cases where some of the other risk assessment is being determined effective minimization and control over the same is also being assured during the pest control procedure by the expert pest control service professionals of Major Pest Control Melbourne.

• Identification

The step of identification in the pest control treatment process of rodent expulsion consists of the important aspect that the correct identification of rodent species, or mice and rats. Varied species identification of the rodents helps to create an appropriate processing chart for their pest control deterrent process.

Identification of the rodents primarily in terms of learning the difference in the mice and the rat infestation plays a significant role in assessing the efficacious pest control system.

Droppings: while inspecting the accommodation small fecal droppings, about the size of the grain which is relatively higher in number approximately about 40-100 droppings at a time as markings of mice in the house.

While on the other hand larger, thicker fecal droppings which are relatively lesser in number are the marking of the rat in the accommodations. 

Behaviors: Both the rats and the mice as nocturnal and notorious rodents are extremely annoying with their habits.

Rats are generally found to be cautious one in nature and choose to be away from any activities in place which is much of human disturbance while on the other hand mice are extremely curious and are found to leave behind their gnawing marks all around.

Breeding: The breeding span of mice is relatively faster than the rats and as a result of which the population index of mice is found to propagate extensively in the prevailing accommodation.

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Effective Identification of the Rodent Pest Control in Melbourne


The Monitoring step is one of the most watchful determined parameters that have to be taken into consideration in the pest control process. It generally comprises of the fact that once the identification of the particular species of the rodent who has invasive your accommodations has been determined, the next step is to monitor along with its nature, life cycle and activities so that more pronounced effect of the pest control treatment can be taken up by the professionals of Major Pest Control Melbourne.

The life cycle of Rodents:

The gestation period of rodents is generally 21 days over which they give birth to their offspring. The average lifespan of a female mouse is about 1.5-2.5 and in almost all its lifespan it can produce as much as of 300 offspring.

life cycle of Rodents

While on the other hand the averages life span of a rat is 2-3 years and evidently in a particular accommodation over a year, a couple of rats can produce almost 2000 rats thus literally creating a disaster in the accommodation if left unchecked. 



Rat Exterminator Melbourne Treatment

The treatment process for the Rodent pest control mainly comprises of the non-chemical and the chemical methods which could be readily adapted for the achieved sensed of control over the invasive pests.


Various non-chemical methods that could be taken into deemed considerations for the efficacious rodent pest control {city  name} system are quite similar to that of both rats and mice. The dropdown is the list of these rodent control methods:

  1. Appropriate sanitation and hygienic surroundings
  2. Trapping methods
  3. Fill up gaps and cervices for the rodent entry
  4. Maintained grass and bushes around the commercial areas
  5. Regular and proper disposal of the garbage



The selection of chemical methods for the effective pest control among the rats and the mice varies slightly due to the difference in breeding behaviors of the two common rodents.


Rat Control Melbourne

1. Rodenticides Used By Our Rat Control Melbourne Experts:

at any certain point of time when the mice infestation is found to overreach in any condition. The usage of rodenticide could also prove as one of the foremost chemical pest control methods. Various rodenticides which find its wide applicability to control the rodent pest in your accommodation includes;



Rodenticides: stage 1 rodenticides are being used in the preliminary rat pest control Melbourne session where the pests are found to be from low to medium mice population across the accommodation

  • Zinc phosphides and various other metal phosphides
  • Norbormide, which generally acts by disrupting the blood vessel of rats and mice’s thus having quick onset action during pest control
  • Alpha chloralose
  • Brodifacoum
  • Flocoumafen
  • Difenacoum

These all chemicals are lethal compounds that are found to have acute action over the rodent leading to have a tidal effect on them within over single session of the pest control treatment process by the pest control experts of Major Pest Control Melbourne.


rodenticides; the stage 2 rodenticides are even more of high chemical based rodent deterrents which are being used if the stage 1 rodenticides are not able to pronounce their effect over the high or resistance developed population of the rodents in the accommodation. These set of Chemicals used for pest control treatment usually includes:

  • Warfarin
  • Coumatetralyl
  • Diphacinone
  • Calciferol

2. Poisoned baits

  • Baits comprising of bromadiolone can also be used to trap the curious mice while ultimately lead to having a lethal effect on the mice and eradicates their number considerably.

Rat Pest Control Melbourne

1. Traps Used By Our Rat Catcher Melbourne Professionals:

Snap traps are being used for the rats to assure effective control over them. Rats’ being cautious often gets trapped in such snap traits and can be eradicated effectively.

2. Rodenticides Used By Our Rat Removal Melbourne Professionals:

Rodenticides which can be used for rodent exclusion, especially in the case of Rats, include the following. Numerous techniques such as aerosols, residue spray techniques, etc. can be assigned to this rat control pests.

  •  Zinc phosphide is one of the most common rodenticides which could be used up for the pest control treatment of the rats.
  •  Vitamin D3 is also used as a pronounced rodenticide for the efficacious control over the gnawing pests.

3. Repellants Used By Our Rat Control Melbourne Experts:

 Rat repellants which are generally anticoagulant are also used by thre professional pest control service providers of Major Pest Control Melbourne. Various rat repellants which could be used are:

  • Mothballs
  • Ammonia-based fumes
  • Toilet cakes
  • Peppermint oil
  • Spearmint oil etc.

Follow up

We, Major Pest Control Melbourne render one of the finest pest control service to our customers with 100 percent customer satisfaction, our resilient job to make your accommodation pest-free just does not stop here. We assure you the best follow up services also post to the pest control treatment session so that you never have to come across bothered with any pests’ infestation. Follow up session generally includes.

  • Post-inspection to check upon any traces of remaining pests
  • Complete disinfectant service 
  • Well cleaned accommodation is being served by us at the end of the entire session
  • Attic clean-up and basement clean-up are taken on topmost priorities post the pest control treatment
  • Home inspection and repair for any entry points to these pests are also being taken care of.

Pest controlling aspects which makes Major Pest Control Melbourne different

As being one of the most determined rodent exterminator service providers we take in as an on-point job to control the pest infestation in the most constructive manner which could prove to get all the problematic association of the customers to an end. Various pest control aspects which attribute to make Major Pest Control Melbourne the best pest control service are as follow:

  1. Eco- friendly pest control is used as the first line of pest control treatment.
  2. Appropriate risk assessment is being assured in case of chemical-based pest control
  3. Environmental cleaning of in and around ambiance
  4. Usage of aerosol rodenticides for effective and minimal chemical spraying to control the rodents
  5. Safety and quality go hand in hand
  6. Post-inspection steps to assure the right delivery of the pest control treatment.

Various sectors where Our Rat Pest Control Melbourne Services Are Provided

The dropdown is the list where you can certainly find our valuable services to be rendered as the best pest control treatment near you:

  • Domestic areas
  • Commercial areas
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Grocery stores
  • Warehouses
  • Livestock farms
  • Basements
  • Manufacturing units
  • Piping and drainages of various accommodation

FAQ for Rodent Pest Control

1. Why are there rats in my house?

Answer: Rats can creep into our homes through tiny holes and crevices of just 1.5 cm. ... This means that when the temperatures begin to drop, with the winter months, rats and mice are pushing more and more forcefully inside our homes and offices in search of heat, food and water.

2. How to get rid without poison or traps?

Answer: There are various natural and homemade methods that allow you to keep country mice away from home.

  1. Bicarbonate of you have in the cupboard a box of bicarbonate of soda think about its use in anti-function mouse.
  2. Urine of
  3. Droppings of

3. When is the best time to get rid of rats?

Answer: It is essential to find their tracks and the areas of nutrition for proper placement of traps for rats and bait for rodents. The best time to check is at dusk. Using a flashlight would be useful for seeing in corners and recessed areas.

4. Should I get professional rat removal?

Answer: We provide you with modern and tested rodent control stations, together with innovative capture stations such as the exclusive RADAR, an electrically activated trap with an exclusive patent, which uses carbon dioxide, preventing the rodent from a bloody death.
Thanks to our professional rodent control services we offer you our advice with free inspection and proactive management of infestation problems to achieve maximum effectiveness.