Flea Pest Control Melbourne

Flea infestation by the name itself makes you concerned intensively due to the very nature of these stubborn pests to get away with. As a pest of parasitic origin, the fleas are completely dependent on the host for their survival.

Usually, these fleas are found to originate from the pets across our surroundings. While our pets readily wander around the wilderness and make way back to home, often they to carry these unwelcomed and concerning guest along with them. Flea infestation has been found to have a major impact on the pets in our accommodation especially the dogs and cats and because of the very fact that these pets are always near-human interaction the chance of fleabites gets even more added up with various adverse effects.

These pests are extremely high in number over their complete manifestation as a result of which it becomes even more difficult procedure to remove these infestations with conventional methods. While on one hand when the flea manifestation bothers our pets, on one hand, fleabites to humans can, even more, be severe in terms of various skin allergies that occur due to it.

Various human-related concerns that arise due to flea manifestations are:

  • Acute allergic reaction
  • Itching
  • Redness
  • Rashes
  • Boils and granulated appearance over the skin

Sign and symptoms of flea infestation

 Flea infestation tends to distress the entire adjoining accommodation as a result of which signs of their presence can easily be felt across the surroundings. Well, on a general note the signs and symptoms of flea infestation could be spotted mainly on the pets in our houses as these parasitic pests are found to impact them the most.

sign and symptoms of flea attack

 Various signs and symptoms of flea manifestations across the accommodation are:

  • Spotting them with naked eyes over clothes
  • Frequent Pet scratching
  • Linens of bed sheets, cushions, and pillows
  • Fleabites and skin allergies 
  • Infested pets losing hair

Common areas where flea pest can be spotted

These pests are quite minute in nature and abundance with their origin, they can spread out to the entire accommodation if left unchecked with appropriate measures.

flea attack on pets

Various common spaces where these can be readily spotted are as follow:

  • On pets, be it dogs or cats
  • Carpets
  • Curtains
  • Sofas and lounges
  • Mattresses
  • Yards
  • Unhygienic living spaces

The flea pest control process adopted

The significant role played by an accurate process to be taken into consideration is of paramount importance while it comes to effectively control the pest infestation which reachable measures.

• Consultation

The flea infestation is being encountered across one accommodation; it is almost the high peak time by which the fleas have clawed the entire space with their highly developed number. The already overreached high ratio of their fleas is a threat to be dealt with normal measures of eradication hence, it becomes necessary to seek the consultation of professional pest control service provide flea pest control of Major Pest Control Melbourne who could guide with most effective measures of flea control.

• Inspection

Inspection steps take into account the examination of all those spots over the living space where the flea infestation is being accessed so that those can be determined to be the specific and targeted areas for the treatment process.

• Risk assessment

While Understanding the very complexity of the flea infestation most of the time chemical-based compounds are also being used to eradicate the unwanted infestation as a result of which prerequisite risk assessment plays an important role before implementing the treatment process. The flea pest control experts of Major Pest Control Melbourne make a detailed study of the infestation and its efficient eradication with the minimal use of any health hazard related to product usage.

• Identification

The professionals come to a concrete point of treatment implementation the team of experts of Major Pest Control Melbourne takes any major step to identify the particular species of flea infestation. This step not only provides a better understanding of the infesting pattern of the pests but also helps to draw a precise plan to control fleas with the most suitable and effective flea pest control. Various species of flea are normally found to invade the accommodation area as follow:

  • Ctenocephalides felis (general flea infestation found in cats)
  • Ctenocephalides candies (general flea infestation found in dogs)

Dogs and cats are the most prominent host for fleas as a result of which their rapid proliferation is also found to lay an adverse impact on the surrounding accommodation as well. Identification of the species by the expert pest controller helps to seek the most relevant and reliable treatment method during the flea pest control course.

• Monitoring

The monitoring step of the process of effective pest control gives away a broader idea to the professional to ascertain even more effective measures to control the pests’ manifestation. In this step professionals of Major Pest Control Melbourne also takes in their knowledge about the habitat, behaviours and life cycle of the pests so that all those associated concerns of flea, be it the eggs, larvae, etc. should be taken under the certainties of strict control during the process

The life cycle of a flea:

  • The average life span of the flea is about 1-2 years in which it shows complete metamorphosis and distinct stages of egg, larvae, pupae, and adults.

life cycle of a flea

Flea Control Treatment Melbourne

After having understood the various associated factors of the pest’s infestation the most crucial step of the process is the effective implementation of treatment being applied by the experts. The choice of the treatment being selected for the pest control depends upon the population of the fleas which have been thrived across the accommodation.

Types of flea control treatment

  1. Non- Chemical methods
  2. Chemical methods

• Non-chemical methods used by our Professionals:

  • Whenever the flea infestation is of low strain around the ailing space areas, usually at the first instance non-chemical methods of flea pest control infestation are being used by the expert service providers of Major Pest Control Melbourne. These methods generally include:

• Vacuum cleaning

One of the most extensive cleaning procedures used by Major Pest Control Melbourne is the vacuum-cleaning works to such all those tiny fleas which have been spread around the living area.

• Steam cleaning technique by our flea removal melbourne professionals

Steam Cleaning methods have been always known to deep clean the particular assets being taken into consideration. While the various commodities such as carpets, couches, lounges, curtains mattresses are being given the steam cleaning procedure through highly equipped and advancement this leads to having the best flea pest control over the flea infestation.

• Botanical oils

The usage of various botanical oils when applied on to the surface of flea-infested throughout the odds and ends of the furniture and living space. Peppermint point, spearmint oil, and mint oil, etc. can be used for this very purpose. The fleabane is also being used specifically for this purpose.

• Treating pets right with oral and topical means

Flea Infestations over the Pets are the foremost parameter which has to be controlled adequately. Anti-flea treatment is a must for the pets, as a precautionary means also to prevent and treat them right from the flea infestation. Simultaneous usage of both oral and topical medication leads to good outcomes.

Flea Control Treatment

• Chemical-methods used by our Professionals:

  • It is generally being observed that the flea infestation gets witnessed across the accommodation while it has already soared a high number of flea populations as a result of which it becomes even more of the cumbersome procedure to look down for its control in an effective manner. This is for the very reason that chemical methods of pest control can be taken into consideration with high safety profiling by the expert team of Major Pest Control Melbourne to control the pest manifestation constructively.

Various chemical bases methods which could be employed to control the flea infestation area as follow:

• Insect growth regulators and residual insecticides

The residual insecticides such as Lufenuron prevent the moulting process of the flea as a result of which their control over any stage of its development can be ascertained in an efficacious manner.

• Flea control aerosol

Aerosol sprays can be used as a spot treatment to control the growing infestation of flea pests. The aerosol can be sprayed with the help of the nozzle to all those places where otherwise the reachability is quite less, and hence this method also has good applicability for effective flea pest control

• Granular liquid concentrate

The liquid concentrate with granular properties can be used to wash away those clinging fleas over the carpets. The granules work to have a more scrubbing effect over the surface with chemical-based properties to remove the flea righteously.

• Fogging

During those instances where the entire accommodation is under the pronounced effect of the flea infestation, the fogging method can be used to eradicate them. This comprises of making the entire area suppressed with chemical spray, post fogging step also seeks high guidance in the pest control session which is being carried out in a virtuous manner by the highly trained and professional experts of Major Pest Control Melbourne.

• Diatomaceous earth

The silica-based anti-dusting powder is being used to dry off the entire larvae and eggs of the fleas which directly leads to work as a control point over the infestation in much of a constructive manner.

• Follow up

After successfully employed the process of flea pest control, the duty of the professional experts of Major Pest Control Melbourne does not stop here. We provide our customers with follow up sessions as well which works to bring down all related concerns of the customer's post-effective control. This step just works like a maintain step to assure that the treatment is being rendered at its best with no negative after-effects of the same.

Pest control aspects which make Major Pest Control Melbourne different

We are one of the pioneers with the various services which we provide as the pest control service providers in Melbourne. Our long-term customer relationship with the best results always makes us outstanding among all other service providers in the town.

Pest control aspects which make Major Pest Control Melbourne different

In the same notion various aspects which make us the foremost choice of the customer’s area s follow:

  • Reliable service providers
  • 100% customer satisfaction for pest control service
  • Around the clock emergency services
  • Locally owned and easy scheduling
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Emergency services
  • Safe treatment

Sector Covered by Flea Pest Control Melbourne

Our flea pest control services have a wider array to be served for our customers and this is the reason that we provide our customers with multiple sector services where they rely upon us for the most efficacious pest control in the town. Several sectors covered by us are as follow:

Sector covered by US

  • Residential spaces
  • Commercial spaces
  • Veterinary Homes
  • Yards
  • Basements
  • Wooden floorings of various accommodation

FAQ on Flea Pest Control

1. How much does pest control cost?

Answer: Often there is a fear of calling a specialized company because it is feared that pest control prices are high and unsustainable. This is a mistaken belief since the cost of an intervention is absolutely accessible to anyone. It is impossible, however, to define the price of disinfestation before an inspection in the areas concerned. Major Pest Control Disinfestation offers a flea inspection within 24 hours.

2. What kills fleas instantly in the house?

Answer: Mix a natural powdered insecticide with borate (or boric acid). The simplest way to get rid of fleas is to attack them at the most vulnerable stage of their life cycle - when they are in the form of eggs or larvae.

3. Can pest control get rid of fleas?

Answer: Fleas are immediately associated with bites and itching, although they are certainly not the only potential culprits among insects and mites. One of the home remedies for fleas is to create a trap using liquid detergent mixed with a little water. All you have to do is fill a plate or bowl with the hot water and detergent mixture and place it in the room in the house where the fleas are.  The water and detergent solution works like glue, trapping fleas thanks to the high viscosity of the solution. You will have to repeat this method using a new solution every day. To work best, this "do it yourself" flea remedy must be done at night. This is because fleas are nocturnal creatures. Placing a candle near the solution has been proven to help lure fleas into the trap, but it is not recommended due to the potential danger that an unattended, uncovered flame could cause.  

4. What can kill fleas instantly?

Answer: Safe and effective flea control for cats and dogs that instantly destroy fleas. The comb is easy to use and provides effective, chemical-free control of insect pests. Provides a targeted electrical charge to the coat of arms of cats or dogs, killing fleas on contact.