Cockroach Pest Control Melbourne

Cockroaches are considered a house of disease as they are notoriously infamous for transmitting different types of illnesses. Their presence harms all other people living nearby. Even if there are only a few of these present in your home, they make your living conditions miserable and if not controlled in time they can make your life a living hell. Diseases are only a part of the negative things that these pests are associated with. These pests can survive the worst conditions without even breaking a sweat and another reason that makes them even more irritating is that they can even survive on garbage that we throw away.

Cockroach Pest Control

Cockroaches are a macro version of germs and bacteria. 

A few can be managed by you, but in case if their population rises to a dangerous level then you need to call professionals for help. Major Pest Control Melbourne is a leading pest control company that you can rely upon. We offer all sorts of services related to pest control for all types of pest infestations. Your satisfaction is our main goal and to ensure that we take care of these pests for you. 

There is a large no. of diseases that cockroaches spread, but some of the most common diseases associated with these pests are:

  • Diarrhea 
  • Botulism
  • Leprosy 
  • Allergies
  • Dysentery 
  • Typhoid

Signs of Cockroaches Infestation in Melbourne

Cockroaches are the most annoying insects that are found in buildings. They crawl in drains, garbage, and all other types of dirty places and then carry germs and bacteria from these places to other clean places in the building. These insects can be easily spotted due to their size and smell. In case, if any food is left uncovered, these filthy organisms start feeding on it and if anyone consumes that food then it can make them sick. Due to this reason, Cockroach Pest Control Melbourne is very important for you.

Signs of Cockroach Infestation

Cockroaches are mostly active at night so their movement can be tracked at night the most. The main reason behind this can be that they are prehistoric nature and they have always stayed in the dark to stay alive, so they try to do the same in this modern world also. To get rid of Cockroaches, effective cockroach control treatment Melbourne services are necessary and for the same reason, Major Pest Control is there. So, we are mentioning some of the signs that you have to look for to know if your building has been infested by roaches. Following are some of the signs that indicate the infestation of cockroaches:

  • Pungent odour 
  • Egg capsules (ootheca)
  • Seeing roaches with your eyes
  • Roach feces 
  • Smear markings
  • Shed skins
  • Damage to food, leather, or books

Probable areas of Cockroaches Infestation

Cockroaches can be present entirely anywhere inside your building, due to their ability to crawl as well as fly. But there are some of the places where chances of finding cockroaches are highest.

Probable areas of Cockroach Infestation

The favourite hiding spots for roaches according to the Cockroach Pest Control team are:

  • Bathrooms 
  • Kitchen 
  • Near garbage can
  • Behind the fridge
  • Behind the doors
  • Laundry rooms 
  • Basements 
  • Cervices and cracks of the walls  
  • Drainages and pipes 

Plants enabled balcony etc.

Types of Cockroach Species in Melbourne

Another thing done by our Cockroach Pest Control Melbourne Experts to get rid of Cockroaches is the identification of the type of infestation they are dealing with. These carriers of the disease need to be controlled and to do that firstly they have to be properly identified as there is a large no. of cockroach species present in Australia. Every species has its distinct characteristics as well as habits so for better pest control it becomes necessary to know which species we are supposed to deal with. In Australia alone, there is about 400 species present and one common thing in all of them is that they all are specialized in spreading diseases and germs. Wherever they go, they carry these germs with them and contaminate the places and food they visit. 

Some of the species of cockroach are only found in forests or deep-down underground. But some species are notorious for infestation of buildings and these are very harmful to your health. 4 of the most prominent species that may result in pest control are:

American Cockroach - Pest Control

  1. American Cockroach – They are the largest species of cockroach that you can ever find. They are shiny reddish-brown colored and their wings are 30-40 mm long. They can crawl as well as fly and most of the time they are found in dark and humid areas. They are the most common species of cockroaches all over the world.

  2. Australian Cockroach – They are not a native species as they are commonly found in tropical and sub-tropical regions. They are distant cousins of American cockroach and are slightly smaller in size. They have yellow streaks around their head and along the sides of their body.

  3. Brown Banded Cockroach – They are really small in size measuring 10-15 mm in size. As the name suggests they have brownish-yellow stripes on their body.

  4. German cockroach – These cockroaches are also small but bigger than brown-banded cockroaches. The distinct feature that you have been invaded by these pests is that they are always seen in a large group. They have black stripes on their body which helps you in identification. They are mostly found in bathrooms and kitchen.

  5. Oriental Cockroach – These giant cockroaches are found near your house, unlike others that are found inside your house. They are mostly found in natural habitat. They are 20-25 mm long and dark brown or black colored. They can’t fly as their wings are either underdeveloped or undeveloped.

You might think that why is this all necessary, but you must know that at Major Pest Control Melbourne  we aim for perfection at what we do and to do so inspection team has to properly examine each and everything so that the best measures can be taken for satisfying you and to undertake the work of pest control in the fastest way possible and to do all the above-mentioned things first thing to do is know what species of pests are they dealing with, as every species has a different life cycle and effective method is chosen based on these facts.

Cockroach Control & Removal Services in Melbourne

To help you to get rid of Cockroaches, Major Pest Control Melbourne provides their best in class service to ensure that your premise is made cockroach free zone. In order to do so, a no. of activities are performed by our team of specialists. All of these activities are mentioned below so that it becomes clear to you about what you will get when you call us for helping you to give you the best pest control services.


The first and the most important step in pest control is considered as consulting the customers. And for the same reason, our Cockroach Pest Control Melbourne provides you with a helpline number where you can call anytime you wish. Our team of workers will hear you at any time of the day and accordingly guide you regarding pest control. They will listen to you and on the basis of information provided by you, they will decide whether the problem can be easily handled by you or you need to get the professional help of our professionals. In the latter case, an appointment can be fixed with our team in order to get rid of Cockroaches at your home or office.


Once the work of consultation is done what comes next is an inspection of your property for effective pest control. A team of professionals is sent to your home to inspect the whole situation of roach infestation. The process of inspection is a vital part of pest control because by doing it our team of professionals can determine the extent of an infestation and what remedial actions will be considered for handling the situation, as there are a lot of methods for cockroach pest control melbourne

Risk assessment

The same type of technique or method can’t be used at every place or situation as some methods will be very effective at place or situation but at a different place or situation, it may not have the same level of effectiveness. So, it becomes very important to choose a technique that suits your situation the best and that’s why Major Pest Control Melbourne, a professional cockroach pest control Melbourne team will properly do the work of assessment and choose the techniques to be used for best Cockroach Removal Treatment. Such a method is chosen which will ensure total clean-up of your property with minimal or no damage to your property and belongings.

Cockroach Treatment Melbourne

Once Major Pest Control Melbourne  team has understood all the factors associated with a pest infestation, the next step is to start the treatment of the underlying problem of pest infestation. Out of so many ways of cockroach pest controlMelbourne, the Major Pest Control team of professionals only use the best and least harmful ways of treating your problem. Usually, there are two ways of cockroach control, namely chemical and non-chemical methods. All of these methods are discussed individually below:

Non-chemical methods

• Non-chemical methods used by our Professionals:

At Major Pest Control we first try to use non-chemical methods for cockroach pest control Melbourne. Non-chemical methods are most suitable if the infestation is not so severe. Only after proper inspection, our expert team decides to use these techniques because if the infestation is on at a large scale then non-chemical methods prove to be useless. 

1. Neem oil:

Neem oil or its powder is a very widely used natural and nontoxic substance for Cockroach Treatment Melbourne. It contains highly volatile components that act as insect repellents. The good thing about neem oil is that it is less or even nontoxic to non-target organisms as well as economic also, and help to get rid of Cockroaches.

2. Catnip:

It is a type of herb known for attracting cats. But there is one more use of this herb and that is as a cockroach repellant. Its active ingredient known as nepetalactone is the reason that makes catnip a repellent and also, it is non-toxic to humans and pets. It is sprayed all over the infested area so that all the cockroaches return to the drain or go outside the houses. The biggest advantage of using it is that it helps in getting rid of cockroaches without killing them.

3. Bio-control

It is another non-chemical method used to get rid of Cockroaches. In this method, the natural predators are introduced in the home and backyards that feed on these insects and once the work is done these predators are collected back by our workers. It is one of the most effective manners of Cockroach Treatment Melbourne. 

4. Sticky traps

There are many types of traps used for trapping cockroaches in houses. But the traps used by Major Pest Control Melbourne are specially made to attract cockroaches and trap them. Traps consist of strong and sticky adhesive that has the fragrance of those things on which cockroaches feed like honey. These sticky traps are meant to catch and trap live cockroaches so that they can be collected and afterward left somewhere else, from where they can’t return.

• Chemical methods used by our Professionals:

Chemical methods are not always the first choice for pest control but when the infestation is at its peak then the chemical method is the best option for roach total control. The reason why chemical methods are avoided by our Cockroach Treatment Melbourne is that they may also harm other living organisms and their effects can remain there for a longer time period. Various chemicals that are used by us are:

  1. Arsenic trioxide
  2. Borax
  3. Rotenone 
  4. Methomyl 
  5. Bendiocarb 
  6. Pyrethrum, etc.

You can also get to know some of them used by us as follows,

• Aerosol insecticides

These are the most effective and quickest method of eradicating cockroaches. In this method, the poisonous chemical is sprayed at different corners and cracks where cockroaches are most likely to be found. Once the aerosol has been applied in your house, all the pests that come in contact with that chemical are killed instantly. Chemicals like propoxur and pyrethroid are used by Major Pest Control Melbourne for aerosol pest control.

• Residual spray technique

It is used when the pest infestation has gone too far. Insecticides like organophosphorus and synthetic pyrethroids are diluted by using some chemicals and then a coat of insecticide is applied to the roof and wall of the house. After the application of insecticides, the place is left vacant as cockroaches only come out when there’s no one around. And once the cockroach walks over the insecticide coated walls, the chemicals start doing their work and slowly infect the cockroaches. The infected cockroaches go back to the hiding places and die there. Cockroaches have a habit of feeding on dead cockroaches so they start feeding on corpses and ultimately get killed themselves. That’s why the residual spray technique is the most prominent activity to get rid of Cockroaches all over the world.

• Boric acid or Borax

Boric acid or borax is one of those chemicals that can be used for multiple purposes. Borax also has medical uses, due to which it is only harmful to the pests and not for us. It is present in the form of powder so it can either be mixed with water and applied to the infested area or for faster results it can be applied to the area where cockroaches are spotted. It absorbs the lipid that is present on the outer layer of bugs, which is responsible for trapping the moisture on the skin of the insects. Once this layer is absorbed, the skin of these insects dries up very quickly due to which they get dehydrated very fast and eventually die. Also, in the case of cockroaches, it even infects their digestive system so it kills them not only from outside but also from the inside.

• Smoke

It is used in case of premises where the area to be covered is quite large. Smoke is in the gaseous form so it becomes easy to enter every place in the building in no time. This smoke consists of insecticides that reach each and every corner and crack of the building, ensuring overall pest control.

• Repellents

Many chemical or natural repellents are used to restrict the entrance of cockroaches in the kitchen and other parts of the house, where they are notoriously found roaming. Natural oils like peppermint or eucalyptus can be used as effective repellents for total pest control.

Follow-up course of action by our Cockroach pest control Melbourne professionals

In order to provide you full value for what you pay we provide you with several follow-up services that will end up increasing your level of satisfaction. We don’t just say that Major Pest Control Melbourne is the best in class, we prove it and for that, we provide the following follow-up course of actions:

  • Inspection of the property after completion of pest control
  • No residue of smell left in the building
  • Removal of all the corpses of cockroach so that no further disease is spread
  • Get rid of Cockroaches permanently
  • Cleaning and filling of all the cracks
  • Fully ensure that no room remains untouched by our workers

Why call us for help

In most of the cases people think that there is no need to call any outsiders for controlling these tiny Intruders in their house. But what the fact is that they eventually have to call us for help at the end. That’s why we suggest you that in case of a pest infestation call Major Pest Control Melbourne so that we can help you in getting rid of these pests.

Major Pest Control Sydney

Most of the people say it’s a waste of time and money to call professionals for help. This thinking of people gets them in great trouble as pest infestation is a serious matter and in no time the problem can become very bad for them. A team of trained professionals is the only thing you should rely upon in these situations. We are always there to provide help to you and we never we do our work with full dedication to ensure your fuller satisfaction. So just pick up your phone and get in contact with our team.

Areas covered by Major Pest Control Melbourne

  • Hotels 
  • Residential houses
  • Basements
  • Farms
  • Rural and urban areas 
  • Schools
  • Shops
  • Factories
  • Buildings
  • Banquets 
  • Restaurants 

FAQ for Cockroach Pest Control

1. How do I get rid of cockroaches in my home?

Answer: Put a solution composed of water and Marseille soap in a container with a sprayer and then vaporize it in the corners and in the places where you have noticed the presence of cockroaches: they will go away immediately.

2.How much does it cost for pest control for cockroaches?

Answer: Pest control of cockroaches is a service that costs between 55$ and 200$, with an average price that varies between 70$ and 150$.

3. What species of cockroaches are commonly found in Australia?

Answer: What are the most common types of cockroaches and how do they behave? The most common varieties in Australia are 4: the Oriental or black cockroach, the Germanic or stoker cockroach, the red American cockroach and the Supella Longipalpa.

4. Does your company provide a proper cockroach control service?

Answer: Yes, we provide an effective treatment to eliminate cockroaches from your house permanently.