Maggot Pest Control Geelong

Maggots are known to be one of the most cringe pests of all known pests infestation. 

Be it their appearance that matters our outstretched number of these pests which creates distress among the owners of the accommodation due to their presence. Maggot is a kind of pseudo pests as they are not only pests dwelling across the living spaces but are usually are the depicters of a stage of fly which when undergoing various moulting process to turn into an adult fly insect. But because of the very fact that in this stage also they cater to bring nuisance in the residential and commercial places, their pest control treatment process is separately and specifically taken in hand.

Maggot infestation

Most of the time the maggots as pests are generally of the flies but in other instances, they could be of any insects be it beetles, moths, etc. It is usually a period of about 6- 8 days that their presence is being sorted at the larvae stage of the insect's life. These are whitish slimy in appearance which gives them an even more of a gross look around you.

In summer the life cycle of insects gains quite an access in ambient environmental conditions as a result of which the frequency of egg-laying by the flies increases and subsequently the presence of maggots becomes troublesome.

Signs and symptoms of Maggot infestation

 Maggots generally resemble the white worms like appearance insects and being clusters, they give a more of gross appearance. Various other signs and symptoms which could appear along with the infestation of Maggots as a pest are:

Signs and symptoms of Maggot infestation

  • Prevailing offensive odour
  • Spotting them across the accommodation
  • Clusters feeding of rotten food items
  • Spoilage of eatables
  • Dead flies scattered around

Common areas where these pests can be spotted

Maggots are extremely small but because of the very fact that they are being always associated in clusters, their presence is anomalously felt around the living space. As they dwell into one's accommodation, these unwanted guests can be seen as a relative part of several spot locations such as:

Common areas where these pests can be spotted

  • Spotting the cluster in and around the accommodation
  • Crawling maggots on the floors
  • Feeding on rotten food items
  • In the cracks and crevices of the cupboards
  • In sinks or tubs
  • Washroom linings
  • Cracks of walls
  • Near wooden bases

The Process Adopted For Maggot Control Geelong


As soon as the problem of maggots is being encountered across the accommodation, consulting is with a professional expert is the priority task that is to be taken into account. As the maggots are extremely high in number their treatment has to be done with strict and controlled measures. Once you reach Major Pest Control Geelong with your ailing issue related to the maggots, we ardently work to provide the best suitable approach to get rid of them in no time.


Having made your consultation with Major Pest Control Geelong, the foremost step which we take into consideration is the inspection of the particular accommodation where the maggots have been dwelling. Taking this step as an important part, we align our pest control treatment process in ambient terms which are best required to control the presence of maggot pests around you.

Risk assessment

Often, it is being seen that the presence of pests is not be tackled with efficient terms as a results of which various chemical methods are also needed to be implied over it, assessment of the risk propensity also play important role in this similar instance as it helps to determine both the safety and efficacy of the treatment process.


As it is quite evident that learning about the very nature of the maggots and their correct identification will lead to devise a correct set of measures for the eradication process, this is the very reason that the expert pest controller of Major Pest Control Geelong seeks the identification step where they can ascertain about the type of maggot and propose best maggot pest control geelong services for them. Various maggots found as pests are:

  • Parasitic maggots: These kinds of maggots are being laid by the insects usually on some other animal body on the pets as a result of which these maggots derive the nourishment from the body of the host to survive.
  • Opportunistic maggots: such maggots are often laid on the open wounds of animals, having derived the nourishment to grow into their adult stage.

Moreover, the maggots can also be identified on the general basis that they are flies, beetles or wasps because of the very close proximity shown by their maggots among them.

Monitoring The Maggot Pest

Once the particular trait and set of species that has infested the particular accommodation are being ascertained the next important step which comes into being is the monitoring of the activities of the pests. So that once the pest control treatment is being projected on them quality results can be obtained by appropriately targeting them.

The life cycle of Maggots:

As mentioned earlier that the maggots are more of an intermediate stage of any insects usually the flies. These generally are having an average life span of about 4-10 days, over which they develop from their worm-like appearance into a particular pest.

life cycle of Maggots

On an average about 500-1500 eggs are being laid by an adult housefly out of which all develop into maggots. These pests have a general tendency to feed on rotten materials. These are slime in their appearance and whitish. After feeding about for 5-7 days theses maggots turn into larvae stage and finally then into adults.

Treatment For Maggot Pest Removal Geelong

The treatment methodology is being decided for the maggots based upon the nature off pest's infestation which has been present there in the accommodation. Moreover, at any instance of time, both the chemical and non-chemical means of treatment can be used to treat the infestation inappropriate manner.

Non-chemical methods: Of foremost approach the non- chemical methods are being prioritized by the pest control professionals of Major Pest Control Geelong so that the surroundings of the accommodation are being rendered harmless. Various such methods include:

  • Liquid dish wash: The antibacterial properties of the nominal dishwasher can be used to eradicate those unwanted maggots. Using liquid soap to clean the maggots over the ailing surface can lead to better results.
  • Baking soda and water: Using an adequate amount of baking soda dissolved in water can also be used to eradicate the creepy maggots from the bothering site of location.
  • Cleanliness and Garbage maintenance: one of the important aspects which comes into being while taking an account of all those measures to get rid of the maggots is the righteous treatment of the leftover and waste material over which these nasty pests are found to dwell on.

Methods to control maggots

Chemical methods: In all those determined instances where the number of maggots grows extremely with high frequency the role of chemical methods comes into play. Of those various chemical methods being used for pest control few of them are enlisted as:

  • Spot treatment: This accounts for delivery of the pesticide used along with the help of the nozzle which could be then used to apply the pesticides directly at the site of action such as in the cracks and crevices of the walls etc.
  • Liquid spray (deltamethrin): This spray has a long detrimental effect over the maggots as a result of which this is more often used in the pest control process.
  • Aerosols: aerosols are generally considered for the pest control treatment process whenever their pests are being infested over a larger surface of the accommodation. Usually, if the maggots are persistently found in the basements and attic areas of the living space, this pesticidal treatment is being used.
  • Drainpipe treatments: Insecticidal spray or sustained-release pesticidal cakes are being introduced into the drainage pipes which are them found to release their effect while they come in contact with water. This certainly allows eradicating the egg-laying tendency of insects in drainage pipes.
  • Pyrethrin shampoo for pets: The Pyrethrin based shampoos are being used to cleanse the pets so that in any case any sort of maggots is dwelling on them can also be treated properly.

Duration of Maggots Exterminator Geelong Session

Well, the time which is generally taken to eradicate the maggots from a particular accommodation depends upon the nominal presence of there and how they have been fostering within the environment. As of the pest control services of Major Pest Control Geelong, we have on an average of about 2-3 hours to render your living space with maggot free experience.

Post-Inspection Follow Up Sessions By Maggot pest Control Geelong

Having aligned with the pest control services of Major Pest Control Geelong, we ardently support the very fact that the ailing pests should not have a come back to your accommodations in any case. Hence, as a result of the same, we always take up the post-inspection follow up sessions which works to cross-check for any kind of contact points left for the probability of such pests to come back and deal with them in much constructive manner.

Pest controlling aspects which makes Major Pest Control Geelong different

We have been the foremost pest control professional exerts who are found to work all together in all those related aspects of the pest problem and bring them to an end with much of efficiency. The dropdown is the list of factors which always allow us to stand out among the pest professionals

  • We provide 100 % customer satisfaction in the delivery of our services
  • Most affordable and reliable pest control service
  • Emergency services around the clock to treat pest infestation right at your doorsteps
  • Certified and licensed professional experts for effective pest control who are equipped with all essentials of pest control.
  • Advanced techniques for effective pest control
  • Safety profiling and risk assessment for all treatment
  • Periodic inspection post the session to ensure quality in the hands of customers.

Sectors covered by Major Pest Control Geelong

Maggots as the pests of concern can dwell in variable places and we as your professional pest control service providers make out to that entire possible sector to bring down your all pest related concerns to an end. We were one of the finest in Geelong allow you to render our impeccable services in various sectors such as:

  • Residential spaces
  • Commercial accommodations
  • Attics and basements of accommodations
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Furniture showrooms
  • Balcony
  • Open terrace gardens
  • Backyards
  • Basements
  • Drainage 
  • Parking lots and many more.

FAQ for Maggot Pest Control

1. How do I get rid of maggots in my home?

Answer:  Thoroughly clean: started by a thorough cleaning of the environments, of furniture and of the compartments intended for the food. Laurel as a repellent: place it in the corners of infested pantries. Place the traps: place them outside the cupboard but away from areas of direct light.

2. How long do maggots live for?

Answer: Female pinworms survive in the colon for 5-13 weeks. Male pinworms, on the other hand, for about 7 weeks.

3. what maggot treatment is best?

Answer: The best anti-woodworm for wood is a product that:

  • contains an effective biocidal active ingredient ;
  • is able to penetrate deep into the material;
  • it is easily applicable ;
  • does not give off unpleasant odors;
  • not greasy ;
  • does not attack paints, pigments, coatings, glues and hardware.