Fly Pest Control Geelong

Flies create a nuisance buzzing sound while moving around inside the house. They are considered as one of the major transmitters of various hazardous diseases such as cholera, typhoid, tuberculosis, dysentery. Flies can easily reside inside the house through torn mesh screens of windows, damaged weather cracking. They have short lifespans but quickly reproduce themselves in large numbers. People always have a concern related to their family’s health as soon as they find the flies infestation in their house as flies cause harmful diseases to both humans and pets.

They do not bite and attack human beings. They feed and breed in the filth, garbage, rotting food and spotted food. They spread the diseases through various fungi, viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens that get stuck on their mouthparts and footpads while they sit or stand on the contaminated food and water. They reproduce in large numbers after finding suitable places for infestation like cracks in the roof of the house, dusty places, dark places in the corners. 

Well, certainly if you are dealing with similar associated problems you have just found the right place. Read down more to know the best ways for the protection and control of fly infestation within your accommodation.

How do you know that you have fly invasion?

Once you encounter the first sight of the infestation of flies around your accommodation it becomes very important for you to be strict about their presence in the living space. Suspecting flies in the corners of the walls, ceilings, door mesh screens, and drainage channels could be the probable signs of their infestation. Various signs and symptoms which could be associated with the same are:

  • Buzzing sound around inside the house 
  • Maggots or larvae of flies can be seen breeding over the waste
  • Large no. of flies as a small dark cluster of black spots (like pinheads) 
  • Flying flies around in the house
  • Dead flies
  • Fallen off wings around the accommodation

Probable areas where flies can be spotted?

Flies are the most common insect on this planet. Their general tendency is to feed over the garbage, human food, carcasses, and feces. They breed in large numbers during warm weather and in darker areas of the house like corners of the ceilings, sinks, and water accumulated areas like water pots of plants, ponds. Flies can be found in the following places around the accommodation which they have invaded:

  • Drainage channels
  • Walls’ surfaces, ceiling corners, 
  • In cracks on the floor, sinks
  • Torn out mesh screens over the doors and windows 
  • Inside the accumulated water of gutters, over the garbage bins
  • Kitchen sinks cupboards
  • Pet food dishes
  • Near or on compost piles

Process of effective pest control that is taken up by us as professional pest control service providers

Major Pest Control Geelong is one of the most professional and effective as well as efficient professional pest control services in Geelong  with highly skilled and experienced trained personnel on our team. We offer you the most efficient and impactful flies control services that protect you and your family members residing inside the house from any infestations.


Major Pest Control Geelong  offers you the most efficient and impactful flies control services that protect you and your family members residing inside the house from any infestations.

Our consultants provide the best solutions against the flies’ infestation on behalf of their experience and professional training. Our experts have been gathered experience from a long period and based on this knowledge provide the best solutions. We can guide you exactly how to do flies' inspection on your house premises. 

Risk assessment

The risk assessment is always done in advance while constructing the home and commercial places. The National Registration Schemes for Agricultural and veterinary chemicals impact via the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority that provides evaluation for the safety and performances of chemicals used for the control purposes against the flies’ infestation and Major Pest Control Geelong  comply with all those terms. At times the Chemical methods involve the usage of insecticides or pesticides that either kill or inhibit the growth of flies inside the house premises at their respective infested areas and hence dealing with it on prior risk assessment is an important part of our services.


Flies are the most common insect on this planet. There are over 3600 species found in the world. The step of identification of the pests is an intricate one as it plays an important role to take into consideration that correct identification of the flies infesting the particular accommodation is being done so that appropriate methodology to control the same can be taken in place. Some of the common flies’ species as pests are:

  • Housefly:The most common species of flies that are found as pests. These flies are major attractions to various food items, food spills, etc.

  • Common fruit fly:these flies are more often attracted by plants and flower bleared regions of the accommodation.

  • Bluebottle fly:generally, these are seen to hover near untidy places like garbage can etc.

  • Cluster fly:These sorts of flies are generally seen in that attics and windowpane region of residential and commercial places.


This step generally takes into account the notion that while are ascertain the nature of in our surroundings we are being more targeted with the pest control treatment to which we are subject to.

For the monitoring of the adult flies inside the house at the various places over the ceiling and walls’ surfaces the internally white-painted surfaces of the squares of suitable sizes are placed nearby to the sources of the flies.

While for the monitoring of the larvae of the flies our experts use the scrape and count method for the count of the exposed larvae out of the garbage containing areas. The flies' monitoring technique adoption depends upon the stage of the life cycle of the fly, the areas inspected, etc. Major Pest Control Geelong  can offer you pest control services depending on the area infested inside as well as outside the home. There are different stages in the growth of flies that is known as the life cycle of flies.

  • Eggs

The life cycle of a fly initiates with an egg similar to other insects which then further develops into larva stage 

  • Larvae

The next stage is the larva stage and it takes less than a day to develop into a larva called maggots from an egg. Within the next two days, a maggot gets increased in size two times than before through the molting process. 

  • Pupa

Followed by the third molt, larva gets converted into a pupa 

  • Adult

The next and final stage of a fly’s life cycle is the adult stage. The life span of flies’ Life span of a housefly is usually in between 20-30 days on an average.

Treatments for flies pest control Geelong

There are both chemical and non-chemical are available as remedies to control the flies’ infestation inside as well as outside the house premises.

• Non – chemical methods used by our flies pest treatment Geelong experts.

These methods do not involve the use of chemicals and either kill or capture the flies. 

Fly swatters: These kill the small numbers of flies but should be practiced carefully as do not swat flies near the food items as body parts may fall inside the food items.

Sticky Papers:  It involves trapping of flies by applying sticky papers of white-colored surfaces over the ceilings and walls surfaces.

Ultraviolet Light Traps: it helps in the prevention of entrance of flies indoors and fitted not more than 5 feet above the level of the floor. It is one of the effective mechanical control methods to get rid of the flies’ infestation inside the house premises.

• Chemical methods used by our flies pest removal Geelong professionals -

  • In these methods to control the flies’ infestation, it includes usage of various chemical insecticides or pesticides over the flies found inside the house premises like dark corners of the ceilings, walls’ surfaces, below the kitchen sinks, pets’ dishes, drainage systems, and tanks.

Flies’ infestation control technicians of Major Pest Control Geelong  are highly trained to prevent your house or business locations from flies’ infestation with an effective treatment zone with minimum interruption to your premises and its related surroundings. There are various kinds of chemical treatments, depending upon the extent of flies’ infestation and the area of their infestation. We use various chemicals and choose the right kind of chemical for efficient control over the flies’ infestation for you. 

Pesticide releasing strips: this method is used for the small unoccupied rooms such as storerooms and attics.

Non-residual contact aerosols: this approach is generally providing temporary relief and it is labelled for adult flies.

The spray of residual pesticide: this method involves the mixture of different chemical pesticides sprayed over the windows and doors and other potential entry points for the flies inside the house premises.

Duration of Flies exterminator session

As aforesaid mentioned that Major Pest Control Geelong  always comply with the stipulated time delivery of pest control services right within the best stipulated time. On a general note, it takes about 2-3 houses for our professional team to render an efficacious flies exterminator session for a pest-free experience.

Follow up sessions by our flies control Geelong professionals

While we, Major Pest Control Geelong  deliver the best of our pest control service to you with this, we also comply with the post-inspection part to make sure that no kind of ailing pest is being left behind during treatment.

Pest controlling aspects which makes us different

Our approach to creating the pest-free environment in your living space is rightly oriented to the fact that it should align with good quality results. The dropdown is the list of factors which always allow Major Pest Control Geelong  stand out among the pest professionals

  • We provide 100 % customer satisfaction in the delivery of our services
  • We provide you the most affordable pest control service in town
  • Emergency services around the clock to treat pest infestation right at your doorsteps
  •  Licensed professional experts for effective pest control who are equipped with all essentials of pest control.
  • Advanced techniques for effective pest control
  • Safety profiling and risk assessment for all treatment
  • Periodic inspection post the session to ensure quality in the hands of customers.

Various sectors where we provide our flies infestation treatment in Geelong

We provide our customers with the overall complete flies control services for the homes, business localities, and other commercial properties, in pre-structured places. We are always available for any pest-related consultation. You can approach Major Pest Control Geelong  anytime anywhere to get our best services and this is indeed one of the most prominent reasons that we remain the finest choice of pest control service providers to our customers. Various sectors where our pest control services can be sought are:

  • Commercial areas
  • Residential areas
  • Hospitals
  • Terraces
  • Confectionary stores
  • Restaurants
  • Warehouses and many more.

FAQ for Flies Pest Control

1. How do I get rid of a fly infestation in my house?

Answer: It 'also possible to spray an aerosol-based repellent of pyrethrum around the windows and doors in order to reject the access of flies, even if the duration of these sprays depends very much also on the environmental condition and the operations of cleaning.

2. What pesticide kills flies?


Fly repellent

Discover the most effective tricks and natural remedies to keep flies away

  • Macerated with vinegar and mint.
  • Eucalyptus essential oil.
  • Lemon and cloves.
  • Transparent bag.
  • Homemade insecticide.
  • Trap for the flies.

3. Why are there suddenly so many flies in my house?


The signs of a fly infestation

Noticing the presence of some flies in your home or business does not necessarily indicate an infestation. ... The outbreaks of flies often are found where there is the easy availability of food, the presence of feces, manure and food waste, high-density places of germs, diseases and viruses.

4. What smell will keep flies away?


Mint and vinegar

The smells intense are a great way to ward off flies and the combination of vinegar and mint can not be outdone. The natural insecticide if sprayed in the right places will keep the insects away .

5. How does a fly infestation start?


Signs of an ' infestation of flies

Hot-humid environments are ideal for proliferation, in fact, the flies at a temperature of 30 degrees can complete their life cycle in 10 days and can lay up to 600 eggs during the entire life cycle.

6. Is a fly infestation dangerous?

Answer: Due to the continuous rapid and tireless movement in search of food and sites where to deposit their eggs, the fly is one of the most contaminating insects of food and dangerous for the spread of epidemic diseases such as cholera, plague, leprosy, typhus, etc.