Ants Pest Control Corio

Pests like mosquitoes, ticks, cockroaches, ants, etc. are a great problem for many people. Out of all these pests, ants are one of the most damaging and destructive pests. These ants cause great damage to the food and other material of the home and premises. Ants area social insect that leaves in a very large group and attack food and people. The ants are like a silent destroyer machine that destroys all the food materials, wood structures, buildings, etc. These ants belong to the Hymenoptera family which prefers to live in big groups or communities. Ants are the close relatives of wasps and bees. Further, there are different types of ant species that do different types of damage. Some species of ants are like

  • White ants
  • Fire ants
  • Black ants
  • Crazy ants
  • Carpenter ants
  • Green ants, etc.

The damage these ants can cause: Most people think that ants do not cause much damage. But some species of ants are very dangerous and harmful. These ants can cause various types of harmful damages to people if no proper care is taken. This damage can be like

Ants Pest Control Corio

  • Allergic reactions
  • Various diseases
  • Ant bites reaction
  • Red rashes, skin problems
  • Other costly damages
  • Damage and contaminate the food material

Thus these ants cannot be easily handled by normal people, are not an easy pest, and can’t be easily killed and removed. These ants if not stopped can destroy the costly material and property of your house. But don’t worry as here our professional experts provide you with the best ants control services.

Services offered by Company name:

We Major Pest Control offer you the best expertise ant control services in Corio to control and eliminate ant and ant infestation. Following are some of the different expertise pest control services provided by us.

  • Ants fumigation services Corio
  • Ants infestation control services Corio
  • Ants Pest Control Corio
  • Ants control service Corio
  • Ant’s removal treatment Corio
  • Ant nest removal services Corio
  • Ants and ticks removal services Corio
  • Ants killing and removing services Corio
  • Emergency ant control services Corio
  • Ant pest control services Corio, etc.

The Symptoms of an Ant Infestation in Your Home

Ant Infestation in your home

It’s quite tricky to find out whether your premises or house is infected from ant infestation or not. But don’t worry as here we provide symptoms of ant infestation through which one can easily determine whether their premises or home is infected by the ants or not. These signs are as follows.

  • Seeinga large number of ants in the kitchen or other areas of the premises.
  • Finding a few ants scuttling around on the floor or near the good material.
  • Seeing ants crawling on the food and other material.
  • Find small ants near your pet's food and water area.
  • Having small ants bite marks on your body
  • If you saw ants nest in the corners or kitchen and other areas it can be an alarming sign of ant infestation in your house.
  • By following the route of ants one can further find whether their house is infected from ants or not.
  • Ants make their nest or shelter in small places in various shapes. One can look out for this nest to control the ant infestation.
  • A Little round hole or speck of sand from which ants are coming can be ant dens.
  • Seeing cocoons of ants on wood, food material, cardboard, cabinets, corners, etc.

Ant Pest Control Procedure

When a person hires our expert ant pest control services in Corio, they don’t have to look for these signs of ant infestation. Our experts will first, reach your premises and observe the level of ant infestation. After that they will follow a step-wise step procedure to eliminate or control these ants. For this, our experts use both chemical and non-chemical treatments depending upon the level of ant infestation in your premises. Following is the step-wise step ant control procedure that our experts follow to get rid of these ants.

  1. Ant inspection and treatment selection
  2. Applying ant control treatment plan
  3. Eradication procedure
  4. Ongoing prevention advice and tips

Ant Inspection and Treatment Selection

As soon as you approach the services of the expert, our expert will reach out to your place or location. Our experts will first, observe and examine your premises to see the level of ant infestation in your premises. They will follow the symptoms and will find out all the ant-infected areas of your house. After that, they will examine the various other factors related to ants like

  • Type of ant species
  • Level of damage they have done
  • Ant's nest locations
  • Colonies of ants
  • Size of ants, etc.

Applying Ant Control Treatment Plan

Based on all the above factors our experts will choose the best and most effective and control treatment in this step. Our experts will choose the chemical or non-chemical method according to the level of ant infestation. If the level of the ant infestation is very high our experts will choose the chemical treatments which don’t cause any damage to your house and house members.

Eradication Procedure

Here our experts use various methods or ways to remove the ants and ant infestation like the use of chemical sprays, poisonous ant killing baits, chemical sprays, skirting boards, and other various chemical and non-chemical methods. Our expert ensures proper removal of the ants and makes your house or premises ant-free.

Ongoing Prevention Advice and Tips

Getting rid of ants with the assistance of a professional expert is not enough. After removing the ants from their premises one needs to take proper actions to ensure that in the future these ants don’t come again. So it is necessary to take preventive measures to ensure the safety of the premises or house against these ants.  Here we Ant Pest Control Corio provide you either smoke effective preventive guidelines by following which one can ensure that no ant enters into your premises in future. These preventive measures are as follows.

  1. Use airtight containers to store the food and other eatable materials which attract ants and cause ant infestation.
  2. After using the utensils, cans, boxes, bottles, etc. wash them imminently to avoid ant infestation.
  3. After eating daily inspect whether there is any food material and drink spills left or not. If you find any food and drink spills then wipe them away to avoid the ants.
  4. Find out all the accessing points from where the ants can easily enter your house. These accessing points can be like cracks in the wall or floor area, hold in the door and windows, etc. One need to repair is these wholes and cracks to remove these ants from your premises.
  5. Daily in the night time take off or clean the food leftovers of your pet. These foods leftover attract the ants to a great extent.

Effective ant control treatment by Major Pest Control Corio

Effective ant control treatment

The experts of Major Pest Control Corio use various chemical and no chemical methods to completely remove the ants and the ant infestation from your premises. Our expert staff uses each type of effective method to remove the ants from your house.  Some of the methods followed by our experts are as follows.

Chemical methods:

The chemical methods used by our experts for the removal of ant infestation are as follows.

  • Use of Ant killer trap: ants trap are used by our experts to catch and kill the ants. Ant killer trap is placed by our experts who attract and kill most of the ants. Ant killer trap has a thick sticky surface where the entire ant gets stuck and then dies there.
  • Use of Ant killer sprays: Our professional ant pest removal experts use different chemical sprays to kill ants from your premises and make them ant-free. Our expert uses various equipment for spraying, this insecticide ant killer spray on the ant to remove and kill them.
  • Essential oil for killing Ants: Our experts also use different essential oils to kill the pests like ants and to make your premises free from these pests.
  • Use of Poisonous ants bait: Poisonous ant bait is the mixture of food that attracts ants and some toxicants which kill the ants and other ant food-type material. These baits are placed by our experts at different places or corners to kill the ants.

Non-chemical method:

  • Using non-chemical natural methods
  • Maintaining proper cleanliness and hygiene
  • Vacuum cleaning the premises after ant infestation removal
  • Regular cleaning of the house or premises
  • Eliminating the unnecessary water and food sources near the house
  • Deep cleaning of the house in the end, etc.

Benefits of hiring professional ant control experts in Corio

Instead of doing ant pest control on your own, it’s always better to call expert professional services because it is more beneficial to appoint the experts, instead of doing ant controlling on your own. Following are some of the benefits of appointing an expert professional in Corio.

hiring professional ant control experts

  1. Experts only use safe and effective chemical methods and ensure the proper safety of the house members and pests.
  2. Experts also offer same-day emergency ant pest control services at the doorsteps of the customers.
  3. Experts ant removal take less time to get rid of ant as compared to doing pest control on your own
  4. The professional’s ant removal are well-trained experts
  5. As compared to normal people doing ant cleaning on their expert professionals use advanced equipment and tool for ant infestation control which normal people can’t get due to their higher cost involvement.
  6. Experts also offer regular and periodic inspection and post-inspection facilities to remove the ants.

Why Choose Us for Ant Control Services?

We Major Pest Control Corio provide the best and most effective ant removal treatment and ant control services in Corio. We not only remove or kill the ants but also ensure that in the future they don’t cause any infestation in your premises. Our experts use the best and most effective ant removal methods and ensure 100% removal of the ants.  We here offer 24×7 hours expert ant removal services at the doorstep of the customers. One only needs to call us and the rest of the work will be our ant removal experts. We offer guaranteed ant removal services according to the customer’s preferences. We also facilitate emergency service for our valuable customers. So for more detail contact us right now.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the best way to get rid of fire ants?

The best way to get rid of fire ants depends upon the level of ant infestation. If ant infestation is its starting stage then one can use pesticide sprays to remove these fire ants. But if the level of an ant infestation is high then it is advisory to call the experts ant removal help.

2. How can you get rid of ants?

By calling the experts professionals one can easily get rid of any kind of pest including ants. One can also get rid of ants by using some chemical pesticides. But these chemical pesticides can also cause harmful reactions so it’s advisory to call for expert ant control services.

3. What if I have spotted red ants in my kitchen?

If you saw red ants in your premises then first, try to follow their route or path to observe the level of red ant infestation. After that, call for professional help as these red ants are quite dangerous because they bite and cause allergic reactions, etc.

4. How often should I call professionals for ant control services?

Whenever your premises are suffering from the problem of ant and ant infestation it is advisory to call expert professionals to get rid of these ants imminently.

5. How long does it take to get rid of ants completely?

It depends upon the level of ant infestations and how long it will take to remove these ants completely from your premises. If ant infestation in your premises is at a greater level then it can take on an average of 10-15days or 2-3 weeks for the methods to completely work. In other cases, it can also take just 2-3 days for the removal of ant infestation.