Bed Bug Pest Control Geelong

While it comes to infestation by bed bugs the concern of  our bed bugs removal experts is taking those eradication steps to remove them from the accommodation takes up on the priority list. Bed bugs are the small, sneaky pests that are generally found to dwell near the bed lining and sheets. Being the feeders on the blood of humans they directly come in contact with the residents of the house to bite them for their survival. At times even the bites of these bed bugs get unnoticed in terms of minor itching, but if left unchecked for a longer period they can develop into much of much serious skin-related complications like rashes, burning sensation all over the body and even pruritus.

Bed bugs infestation

One of those foremost issues which come into being with their infestation is that these bed bugs only get into the proven notice when they are already established in the accommodation in higher ratio as a result of which it becomes necessary to seek among the best pest control service in Geelong to provide the structured solution for the same. The bed bug has a higher multiplication rate and they're inherent tendency to grow and thrive everywhere in and around the accommodation makes it even more of cumbersome procedure which could certainly be sorted by our professional at bed bugs treatment Geelong.

Signs and symptoms of bed bugs infestation

Certainly, while you come across a situation where you wake up with restless sleep and an itchy surface around, well, you can perhaps encase it due to the presence of bed bugs pest on your mattresses and quilts. Apart from these various signs and symptoms which altogether accounts for the presence of bed bugs around you are as follow:

  • Spots of bed bugs feces on sheets, clothes, and walls.
  • Eggshells and dropping are commonly found across the floors.
  • A musty odour in around the accommodation.
  • Breeding spots near the cracks and crevices on the wall.
  • Undetermined skin problems and allergic manifestation can also be stimuli alarms to understand bed bug infestation.

Common areas where these pests can be spotted

Bed bugs are one of the most prominent sneaky, small living creatures who could develop into many more in number in a shorter duration of time and hence this again attribute to the very fact that bed bugs pest control and check-up over them should be undertaken within much of stipulated time. Various places where these bed bugs can readily be spotted are:

  • Bed mattresses
  • Bedsheets
  • Laundry rooms
  • Curtains
  • Undetected luggage
  • Couches and lounges
  • Drawers of beds and tables
  • In Bed and sofa frames
  • In housing furniture and upholstery
  • Dressing corners
  • In cracks and cervices of walls
  • Rugs and carpets
  • Clothing closets etc.

The Procedure Of Bed Bugs Pest Control Geelong

Bed bugs pest and infestation are bothersome in various aspects, be it the rapid proliferating nature of the abundance of their propagation in the accommodation. These are not noticeable with naked eyes unless or until their number is relatively more to create troublesome issues for us. Adopting the much-required professional bed bugs pest control geelong service of Major Pest Control Geelong for these pests is the outlay to get rid of their filthy manifestation in a much constructive and directional manner.


The consultation with a professional bed bug exterminator comes into being when the infestation is being witnessed by the individual. The close association of these bed bugs with the residents poses even more concern and raised threats as they directly lead to impact one's health by feeding on the blood of the host.

Appropriate consultation derives inferences about the concerning issues being created by the manifestation of the bed bugs so that the most effective treatment plan is being prepared by the professional pest controllers of Major pest control Geelong to tackle down the concern.


The inspection step takes into consideration the scheduled visit by the pest professional to evidence the presence of bed bugs in the living space. This step also ensures what would be the respective areas that would be taken into account during the pest control service process. The Inspection step also helps the professionals of Major Pest Control Geelong to take a check upon the abundance of bed bugs present to employ an efficacious control plan for the same.

Professional examination for bed bugs control of all those probable areas where these bed bugs could thrive like bed frames, furniture, curtains, etc. is being done to identify the target areas for the treatment and an immediate remedial plan is also being made for the same.

Risk assessment

In those instances of bed bugs infestation, where their number has extremely outreached in particular accommodation, the employment of chemical methods to treat these bed bugs comes into action. 

Various factors and parameters which are associated with the bed bug exterminator geelong  process are also being assessed in priority to assure the most effective bed bug control at the end of the treatment without posing any threat to the residents and the environment of the living space.


The appropriate identification of the bed bugs which has invaded the concerned accommodation plays an important role in determining an effective treatment solution for the same as well. Hence the imperative role of professional pest control providers makes it a point of added value for the best bed bug control services geelong. Various species of bed bugs which can be found around the premises are:

  1. Cimexlectularius
  2. Cimexsempiternum
  3. Cimex adjuncts(bat bugs)
  4. Cimex vicarious(swallow bugs)
  • Bed bugs species are being correctly identified by the professional expert who then assures to subsidies the best treatment for the complete eradication of the same.


After identifying the particular species of bed bug manifestation, monitoring the nature, habitat, and behaviors of the concerned pest giver a wider picture of its eradication in much of a constructive manner.

This also adds on to have a major role in determining the access areas of the bed bugs and control over them and even their associated counterparts such as laid eggs, larvae, etc. in a much better and accurate manner.

The life cycle of bed bugs pest:

While it comes to the life cycle of bed bugs, these annoying pests generally have a life span of about 4 months to a year and during the entire life of bed bugs, it lays 100 eggs with an average of 5-8 eggs per day. Well, indeed this time is high enough to convert your mattresses and beg frames into the extensive breeding grounds of bed bugs.

life cycle of bed bugs

Bed Bugs Treatment Geelong

Having determined the particular species of the bed bug and outlaying the most effective treatment plan for the same while monitoring it, the next most crucial step is the implementation of the treatment which could account as an important action to cease and eradicated the bed bugs from your living space. Various methods which could be used for the treatment of pest control are:

  1. Non-chemical methods
  2. Chemical methods

Non-chemical methods Used By Bed Bug Removal Melbourne Experts:

We the Major Pest Control Geelong being one of the best pest control service providers in Geelong aims to keep the organic pest control service in the frontline so that environment-friendly and effective pest control is being achieved by us. Various methods being employed by us for this very purpose are:

  • Ambient cleaning of sheets and accommodation
  • Scrubbing session to carpets with organic carpet shampoo
  • Vacuum cleaning
  • Steam cleaning
  • Usage of herbal oils such as tea tree oil, peppermint oil, etc.
  • Repair and restructure of cracks and cervices

Chemical Methods Used By Bed Bug Removal Geelong Experts:

While on the other hand, if the bed bug infestation is extremely high in number which cannot be controlled by the conventional pest control means, chemical methods are being used with diligent care by professional experts of Major Pest Control Geelong. The dropdown is the list of those various chemical methods being employed by our professional services to counteract the bed bug infestation:

1. Pyrroles:

The chemical-based compounds are known to have much of its pronounced effect on the cell activity of the bed bugs. Chlorfenapyr is the most common Pyrroles based pesticide being used by our professional to combat the beg bugs infestation effectively.

2. Desiccants:

  • Diatomaceous earth(silicon dioxide)
  • Fumed silica
  • Boric acid

These three desiccants are being generally used for pest control treatment. The dusting form of these compounds is preferably used for the aimed purpose. Pest exterminator generally recommends this for eradicating those highly clustered groups of beg bugs which are being destroyed by these desiccants through dehydration.

3. Biochemical

Various biochemical compounds such as cold-pressed Neem oil is also being used in the form liquid spray technique to target the ailing treatment points for the bed bug infestation

4. Synthetic nicotine

These are a set of highly concentrated nicotine solution which directly acts on the nervous system of the bed bugs and cause potentiating tidal effect 

5. Insect growth regulators

Insect growth regulators such as methoprene are also being used by our pest control professionals as an emulsifiable concentrate to make up the control effective over the pest infestation. Another important aspect of using them is that they inhibit the moulting process of the bed bugs as a result of which even the larvae of infesting bed bugs are also being removed effectively.

6. Fumigants

The release of chemical-based gases or vapours into the accommodation also makes it of tremendous importance for the bed bugs control.

7. Isopropyl alcohol

The chemical compound is also called as the rubbing alcohol is being extensively used for the spot treatment over the cracks and cervices in different places of the ailing accommodation.

Duration of bed bug exterminator geelong

Usually, the duration of the process to imply that effective pest control step takes about 1-2 hours with constructive treatment by the professional pest control service providers of Major Pest Control Geelong.

Follow up

The role of post-inspection plays a crucial role to ascertain the absolute completeness of the pest control treatment process. Periodic inspection, post the pest control session is being given by Major Pest Control Geelong to the entire accommodation and checks upon is being made for any kind of pest manifestation left behind.

Pest controlling aspects which makes us different

  • 100 % customer satisfaction
  • Affordable pest control service
  • Emergency services around the clock to treat pest infestation in a righteous manner
  • Equipped Team Certified and licensed professional experts for effective pest control
  • Advanced techniques and procedure for effective pest control
  • Safety profiling for all chemical-based treatment
  • Periodic inspection, post the session 

Sectors covered by us to provide our services

Our professional pest control services being one of the finest in Geelong allows you to render our impeccable services in various sectors such as:

  • Residential spaces
  • Commercial accommodations
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Day-care centres
  • Furniture showrooms
  • Dormitories
  • Public transportations and many more.

FAQ for Bedbug Pest Control

1. Is there any potential harm of having bedbugs?

 Answer: The bites of the bugs from the bed are not dangerous and do not transmit any disease, but cause a very uncomfortable feeling, because it can lead to skin rashes and itching.

2. What steps can I take against bedbugs?

Answer: Clean out your cupboards, wardrobes and drawers of the dresser. Put the clothes, the linens from the bed (sheets, mattress covers, blankets, bedspreads) and tumble tends initiating the hot cycle for at least 30 minutes to kill the bed bugs that may be in them, and eggs.

3. What bedbug treatment is best?

Answer: It can happen that you wake up at night due to an itchy skin and discover that you have been stung by something, or find yourself in the morning with spots on the skin. Then the irresistible urge to scratch is triggered and these wheals grow up to about 6 cm in diameter. In a short time, your bed will become impractical and you will be forced to move with the whole family to another home waiting for a pest control company to clean.

4. How do I get rid of bedbugs in my home?

Answer: Here are four natural remedies to keep these annoying insects away from our homes!

  1. Garlic is an excellent ally to keep bedbugs away : its smell is very unpleasant for these insects. ...
  2. Decoction of garlic and onion